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3. A guy going nowhere fast

2. Unlimited Changes!

1. The Drafting Board

Complete Control: An overlooked member of a family

on 2022-06-19 20:26:54
Episode last modified by StrangeDaze on 2022-06-20 11:28:35

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In a small town that seemed basic and unassuming was about to be home to the most powerful being in the universe. Ultimate cosmic power, only bounded by imagination was about to be granted to one sole individual. For no reason other than random chaos, all this power funneled into one person.

That one person was sleeping in on a Saturday. His name was Matthew, and he was dead beat 20 year old at home. He wasn’t entirely smart, or athletic, that went to his siblings. His parents didn’t mind him living at home, but often he was a bit of a joke to the family. He got up and looked in the mirror, same old flabby body, same old pajamas. It was well into the morning, soon it would be noon. He didn’t usually sleep this late but was up last night with odd vivid dreams. With a grumbling stomach, he decided to leave the room and head to the kitchen.

In there, he found his mother Monica was packing away leftovers. She wasn’t too pleased that her son slept in so late, and missed breakfast entirely.

“If I knew you were getting up so late I would have cooked less, it’s practically lunch time…” She had some mild disappointment in him, that he had no direction or drive in life.

Matthew could sense it, he hadn’t gotten a job like his older sister, nor has college ambition like his younger brother. Monica hadn’t done much aside from being a house wife, but she had done a lot around the house to keep things together. She still felt like berating him time to time.

“Mom, please, lay off. I’m just…a late bloomer. Just get off my back!”

Matthew didn’t usually talk back, this was a little scary. He knew it could be practically a death sentence to give lip to his mother. But oddly there wasn’t much of a response, she shrugged her shoulders and stood quiet.

“…weird…” He said to himself.

Little did he know what he just did…

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