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2. The Perfect Partener

1. You Are What You Wish

Perfect Partners

on 2022-06-18 04:37:46
Episode last modified by bigbustgazer on 2022-06-19 01:30:55

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Jon sat in his room doing his homework, somewhat distracted by thoughts of the stone, sitting in its box nearby. There was a lot of temptation to use it, but he couldn’t decide for what.

He could wish for wealth… but the possible changes to his past scared him.

His mind wandered, he thought over his time in highschool, single the entire run, graduation approaching. He’d never even had a date. But using the stone? He couldn’t stand the idea of forcing someone to fall for him, besides who would he choose, how could he?

“Choosing… perhaps,” he reasoned, “let the stone find someone who would like me. Let us both know.”

Better than like… he could find someone who he’d be happy with for the rest of his life! It wouldn’t do to know that his perfect partner existed, but was in Africa or something…

He thought for a while. Reasoned through, and eventually came up with a wish. One that shouldn’t change the past.

He opened the box, placed his index finger upon the stone and spoke.

“I wish that upon seeing the best romantic match for me, out of all those who I will see in the next month, both of us will know that we are excellent matches. If we begin a romantic relationship we will both be able to fully satisfy each other.”

He knew that in two weeks he would be passing through two busy airports and spending a weekend in a large city for his Grandpa’s funeral, so the one month timeline seemed reasonable, to cast a wide net. Every woman that he laid eyes on over that time was a potential match, and he would get a shot at the best match out of all the thousands.

The second part was entirely because he’d been reading a story that featured a couple that had been the other's only partener and had grown bored of each other. He didn’t want that to happen.

He was satisfied with his wish, it wasn’t going to change the past, or force anything on anyone.

With his wish made he hurriedly did the homework he’d been neglecting and got ready for bed.

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