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96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

93. Niko's Plans

92. Care Package

91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

84. Cruising Again

83. Second Round

82. Claire Joins

81. X-frame Sex

80. Break Up

79. Angry Keith

78. Artist Keith

77. More X-frames

Leaving the Library

avatar on 2022-06-08 12:06:34

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It did not take long before Nikolas gave me an affronted scoff. "I'm sorry." I said. He was not having that. "Wow! That's just great. Not only do I not have the ability to cum unless in an X-frame, I can't have all the supernaturally strong offspring like I wanted. You're so horrible to me." he said. He was pissed off. I could say nothing. I did not want that, so all I could do was let him take his frustration out on me. It was not like I was going to let him guilt me into fucking him again. Nikolas took Alexei in his arms and got off of my lap. He said "Since I'm the mother and the actual PEP unit here, Alexei is coming with me. He will be part of my clan." "What's the name of your clan?" I asked. He said "My new clan will be called Re:birth Clan." That was as good a name as any. Ours was based on a sandwich. I stood up and said "Can I come see you and Alexei some time later? He is my son still." He looked at me as if I was crazy. "No. Why would you? I don't care for you and Emil actually despises you." he said in a matter of fact tone. That stung me quite a bit. "Fine! Keep him then! Do whatever you want."

Going back to the depot, I got in one of the cabs. I did not want to talk to anyone. They could probably tell something was up by the way they let me be. Driving kept my mind off it for a while. If Nikolas did not want to be a part of my clan, that was fine with me. I could have more children if I wanted. Bruno, Emil and Berry could look after him. I just rolled my eyes at that. It was totally ridiculous. Emil could not even deal with a single researcher lady with a vial salt water. In his mind, I was the more suspicious character there. He would have died if not for me. That was why he hated me so much in the first place. I did not like him either. I bet the clan would not last too long before getting killed off by enemies. Then again, they now had 2 X-frames to use. That made them a real force to be reckoned with. I got 3 fares while I was out in the town. I took them where they needed to be in an acceptable time frame. They all thanked and paid me. It made no absolutely no difference to me. Having a near infinite resources and money made it useless to me. That did not mean I could let them slide.

When the fourth fare jumped out the cab without paying, he learned that it was a very bad idea the hard way. I ran after him for several blocks and then tackled him. He was a scrawny young man. That meant that he was just a human. Getting tired was inevitable. He yelped as we fell on the ground and tried to escape. his struggling was futile. There was no way for him to get out of my grasp. I was way too strong. "Get off of me man!" he yelled. I just looked at him ."Listen. You can't run without paying. It is a paid service. Give me money, or come with me to the depot." The young man just reached into his pocket and got out his wallet. I got the money from him and let him get up. He shot up and ran off. "You're crazy!" was the parting shot he gave me. I did not care what a fare dodger had to say. Now, I had to walk back to the car. I decided to go back to the depot and wait. I had my fill of driving and getting fares. On my way, I realized the loud band I heard was a bullet meant for me. That was not good. I ran for cover. I had no clue what was going on here. I poked my head out a bit to look.

Yellow tinted windows on the top floor of the studio apartment down the block were apparently good vantage points for assassinations. Some targets would just wander on by. Like me, I guess. I returned fire with a pistol I took from the lab. I was totally fine with using it. I was able to kill whoever was targeting me. Looking around, the street was deserted. At least we did not put anyone vulnerable in danger. Incidentally, I realized that there were some people in the town that wanted me dead. I had to look at the menu to see why I had the unfortunate luck of getting involved in a scuffle. I was just walking towards my car. Anarchy Assembly had reached the point where they were putting hits out on me. It would probably not be too long until the sent full death squads after me. Getting on the bad side of syndicates was not a good idea. I was the one that killed their boss though. The fair dodger must have been the final straw for them. I was 5 blocks away when a black van squealed down the block and stopped near me. People jumped out and tried to snatch me right off of the street. Very bold.

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