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3. Never give away your MAP

2. Feeling Catty

1. The Future of Gaming

Devils Aren't So Friendly

on 2010-10-13 05:07:12

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I was immediately approached by a strange character dressed in all white. He gave me a level 1 starting weapon and some gold in the midst of greeting me to the game. He started to walk away but I stopped him and asked him how I could set a course to a specific player.
He responded, "Oh that's easy let me see your MAP I'll do it for you."
Gratefully I handed over my map and he tweaked some switches and pressed some buttons. He told me to put my thumb on the scanner to complete the transaction. I did and felt a jolt of electricity. Suddenly we were in what amounted to be a penthouse.
The man standing opposite to me commanded me to strip and then suck his cock. He whipped it out and jammed it down my throat.

He then explained that by letting him fuck with my MAP i had given him control over my life in the game world. I had to just wait until my reality check saved me (little did I know that 3 hours translated to 3 months in the game world. After his gigantic load exploded in my mouth he said that he needed my help to gain control of my friend Susan because he wants to get more than one slave...

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