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2. Feeling Catty

1. The Future of Gaming

Feline Frenzy

on 2005-01-16 10:40:15

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I pondered over the Character creation, trying to decide just how deep I wanted to go into the creation of my first character. After seeing the Mithra that were available in FFXI, I couldn't resist trying it myself in this new world.

"Computer, Change Race...Mithra?"THe last bit I wasn't sure of, but it was worth a try.

"Does not compute," The computer stated flatly, "Race Mithra does not exist."

I thought about it some more, trying to figure out what their race would be in this game. Inspiration struck, and I rolled with it, "Computer, List available races."

The computer began scrolling through the available races. I chose each one in turn, until I stopped at the Jin'hra, a race of Cat-like people. They had claws, cat ears, and tails, but lacked the extensive fur covering seen in a traditional cat-morph. Not to mention they had the fun racial ability to morph into a full-fledged feline.

"Computer, List options for skin type." I commanded in my most authoratative voice.

From the list that the computer displayed I chose Snow Leopard. The character model immediately changed to have white skin, with black spots, although he still had no fur. I grinned at the powerful look of the character.

I stared at the model some more, when I got struck by a bit of curiousity. "Computer, Change Gender... Female."

Before my eyes the model shifted, from the lean and muscular male, to an amply endowed female. Her lovely figure barely covered by a small leather Bra and loin cloth combo. She looked to be almost the same size as Suzie, and every bit as deliciously arousing. I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of meeting Suzie looking like that.

I spent several more minutes tweaking her appearance. I made her eyes a little larger, her breasts a little larger, and her body altogether sexier. The effect was breathtaking. Suzie was guaranteed to go into fits when she saw me.

Thinking back to the 3 hour reality check, and the fact that Suzie was waiting for me I decided to hurry. "Computer, Change Name... Felicia Davison." I paused. "Computer, Change Class... Cleric"

After that was set, I just auto set everything else. Satisifed that my first character had turned out well, I grinned as I said "Computer connect to Epic City."

I felt a slight wave of dizziness and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was first amazed by the sight of my new breasts, and almost immediatly after that By...

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