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80. The Androids

79. A Syndicate

78. More PEA units

77. PEP Impregnation

76. Stealthing

75. PEP Candidate

74. Clan Alliance

73. Volition Clan

72. Martial Law

71. More Interviews

70. The Offspring

69. The Nursery

68. Clan Orgy

67. Quickshot

66. Cole's Woman

65. Mission Rewards

64. End of Mission

63. Special Mission

62. Back Alley

61. Third Mission

Crime Scene Investigation

on 2022-06-05 10:04:10

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Having the label put on you by the government was not something we needed. Neither was pissing off Phobia to be honest. "Are you guys alright!?" a voice called out to us. It was 2 of the androids. It was the pallid one with the long and curly hair as well as the one with the undercut and sandy complexion. "Have no fear citizens. We are here to help. I am Officer Cinco Dwan, and this is my partner Uno Dwan. May we have a statement?" the one with the undercut said. That was when they approached us. They immediately pulled guns on us. "PEP unit detected. Stand down and surrender." Uno demanded. The PEP unit with the shotgun was clearly a cyborg from the damage and dripping blue blood. She did a battle cry and tried to shoot them but was gunned down. The androids shot her in the head until she was dead. They then looked at us. "Give us your statements, suspects." I had to take charge here. I got in front of the cyborg and said "We were walking towards an old friend's home together when these thugs tried to abduct this cyborg. She escaped and a shootout happened."

Knowing what side their bread was buttered on, she nodded and agreed with me. They looked at us for a while before checking out the van. "Looks like a Phobia van. A faction conflict perhaps." Uno said to Cinco. Cinco nodded and said "They missed a target and it let to their deaths. I say good riddance." "Cinco! We can't say that. This is a crime scene investigation in progress." Uno scolded. "Phobia would have no trouble killing us! The cops wouldn't chase them to the ends of the continent." Cinco said in response. After allowing us to leave we decided to move quickly. The pair of androids tackled the PEP unit. "PEP unit detected. Stand down and surrender." Cinco smirked. She tried to struggle, but they did not budge. Uno said "We saw your charge port through these ratty clothes." "Get off of me!" she screamed as she tried to break free. "This one is a fighter!" Cinco mocked. Uno reached for his lower back and pulled a cord. "Let's see what we can do about that." he said. He connected to a jack near the charge port. "Can you do it?" Cinco asked. Uno was concentrating hard.

People were gathering around to look. Nosey people love gawking at crime scenes. "There's a firewall, but I can break through." I was not going to get involved with the cops. I was an officer in a PEP unit clan. The last thing we needed was for these androids to start sniffing around the studio. Uno grunted and winced. "Something happen?" Cinco asked him. "She's a fighter. Trying to access my programming is a bold move. I'll block her out." he answered. She was groaning on the ground. "I'm in! I really had to work for this one." Uno said with a sigh when he finally got into her systems. "Get the hell out!" she snapped in rage. "I'm going to access the memory files for the incident." Uno said. He then closed his eyes. After a minute of reviewing, he winced again. "You PEP units never give up, do you?" he growled. "What did she do?" Cinco asked. "She implanted a so called "breeding protocol". My anus is opening and closing itself and starting to lubricate." was the answer. He sounded almost embarrassed. "Let's just end this. Find the transmission hub!" Cinco said. "I'll do it." Uno said.

Uno frowned and said "This isn't good." Cinco looked at him and asked what was going on. "A self destruct protocol was tripped when accessing deeper files. I can just barely suppress it, but I can't seek any data. It is firing over and over again, at least 3 times in a second." Cinco just whistled. "Well, she's going to blow. Keep her here while I clear the area." he said as he got up. He then directed the crowd to disperse and cleared the building on the corner. I just moved with the crowd and the explosion went off. It blew out the windows on the block and Uno was severely injured. "Oh shit!" Cinco said as he rushed over and cradled him. "Officer down! Need an android service team, stat!" he yelled into his radio. "What the fuck happened!?" he demanded of his partner. "The protocol frequency shot up exponentially. I could not keep up with it anymore." Uno had lost an arm and leg in the direct blast. He was also scorched and his jaw was broken. I took that as my cue to get out of there. I did not want to focus to turn back to me again. Especially after that explosion when I covered for her.

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