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3. The Grimoire: The Beginning

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

The Grimoire

on 2022-05-24 13:43:54

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Bored, Jon absentmindedly thought out loud. “I’m bored. I wish that something interesting would happen.”. As soon as he said it he grimaced, the rock was in his left hand as he had made the wish and now it was beginning to glow.

“Oh shit...”

As the stone glowed it seemed to expand, ripples of light emanated from the stone outwards to the extent of the stones ultimate range as history and reality were rewoven, in this new reality Jon's family were an ancient clan of Witches, the source of their power was The Grimoire, a short time ago Jon came of age and was given access to his own copy of The Grimoire, and this book of magical power was what The Stone became, now, when Jon made a wish the pages would flip automatically to a spell which would allow that wish, or a close approximation of it, to come true.

Jon, of course, knew none of this, nor did he know about the catch, only women could wield the full power of The clan's magic, so The Grimoire made sure that along with granting the wish it also exacted a price, each spell made Jon a tiny bit more female, as the power grew within him, his changes would accelerate until he became a full blown witch - Zoe was going to be soooo jealous! At least until next year when she too would gain her inheritance .

Finally the light died down and Jon stared at the huge tome , leather bound with a simple brown leather cover, a strange sigil in gold leaf the only ornamentation, it was three circles overlapping each circle had some strange looking squiggle in the center.

Jon picked up the book and said,

"I wish I knew what this is"

Instantly the book floated in the air and pages flipped forwards with a thripping, rattling sound before stopping, on the pages were diagrams, and words, now, Jon did not realize it because as part of the wish he now spoke and understood The Clan Secret Language so he read instructions on how to cast a simple divination spell, then he became aware of something else new in his room, an ornate chest which , with it's lid open, he could see had all sorts of strange stuff in it, particularly of note, the very things the instructions said he needed, were conveniently close at hand - Jon had no way of knowing that the chest was also magic, it had a simple spell to make accessible whatever he needed for his spells, a sort of silent assistant.

Throwing caution to the wind ( Will the boy never learn?) Jon decided to give it a try, thirty minutes later he had some answers, now he knew that his family were Witches, good witches , with ancient traditions and this book was his key to learning the Clan magic. Jon was excited, he could not just use a wishing stone, he could wield actual magic! Of course, The spell had exacted it's price, however, his chromosomes changing from XY to XX was not an immediately obvious change, however, the next change might be more obvious.

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