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2. should I keep going?

1. The Forum

Should I keep going?

on 2014-11-21 18:31:04

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So... I'm not going to lie, I feel my story is a bit of a convoluted mess that probably can't be fixed. (For those that dare try to make any sense of it.)

I've always had worlds in my head and wished I could express them. I lack the real raw talent though and fought for every word and scene. But even so, it can't light a candle to the works of others. My sentences are too short and lack description no matter how hard I try.

When I feel low I try to think that I'm writing for myself. But I don't even know what story I'm trying to tell and... it's fun to know others might like it too. I don't really know if anyone does like it.

I'm starting to think if I should stop now. Am I ruining things for trying to push ahead? Can I write something another would even like again? Is what I write noticed?

Sorry for the heavy thoughts, I'm just feeling a bit low. I'll likely keep going anyway because I hate an unfinished tale.

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