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9. Swapping parts

8. unforseen problems

7. the pool

6. Adventure on hold

5. something simple

4. Way too early

3. The Next Morning

2. Spellbook

1. You Are What You Wish

She must have gone to potions class

on 2011-02-02 01:58:21

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The next morning Jon awoke thinking about the Spell book he had given Karen. So far it only seemed like it would be bunch of fun without the risk of being unable to reverse things. As he was eating his breakfast he got a call from Karen.

"Hey Jon I got a new spell today we just have to try it out!" Karen said excitedly.

"I though i got some say in it today?" Jon said sarcastically.

"Sorry but its new and seems pretty cool, and trust me you will enjoy it. I'll be over soon. Also i need you to take a really good shower then put on some clean clothes." Karen said.

"I already did so don't worry." Jon responded.

"Take another i want you to be cleaner than you have been in a long time. See you in a bit." Karen said as she hung up. This is weird Jon thought as he took another shower. As was walking to his room only clad in a towel he heard the front door close.

"Hey Jon I'm here!" Karen shouted.

"One sec I just got out of the shower." Jon said as he hurried to his room before Karen saw him.

"Ok but don't put on any pants or a shirt! I'll set up down here." Karen yelled up. As Jon's suspicions arose. He did as she said but came down in his bathrobe to find Karen sitting on his couch in the same Swimsuit she wore yesterday. She also had a thermos and two mugs on the coffe table. "Jon I said just you boxers"

"Ya I want to know what I'm getting into first Karen" Jon demanded.

"Here drink this while I explain." Karen said as she poured both herself and him a mug. "It probly won't taste good but struggle through it." She said as she took a gulp and winced before holding her nose and downing the rest of it. After she had seen that Jon had to struggled through his mug she started explaining. "Jon today we're gonna swap some of our body parts."

"What?" Jon exclaimed.

"You hear me. Ever wonder what it would be like to have a girls hands or feet? Just tell me what to swap and we can swap it." Karen said.

"I don't know if i really want to swap anything, how long is this gonna last, and what did i just drink? Jon asked nervously knowing that he would eventually give in.

"It only lasts for 24 hours if I'm correct in the dosage i just gave us which. The drink is kinda like the bond between us and what make the change once its been coursing through us. Its magic so I don't know everything about it. Though there is something that i need to do to activate it so tell me what to change between us or I'm gonna pick." She said and Jon could see that she was really excited but he just didn't know what to pick. More so he was scared of what Karen would think about his choice.

"I can't choose you just pick what just as long as its not my penis." Jon said.

"I didn't want it anyway why else would I tell you to keep your boxers on. Now I want you to lay down and keep your eyes closed and don't open them until I tell you to." Karen said as Jon closed his eyes knowing when he opened them he would be very different.

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