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8. unforseen problems

7. the pool

6. Adventure on hold

5. something simple

4. Way too early

3. The Next Morning

2. Spellbook

1. You Are What You Wish

Not as easy as she thought

on 2010-06-24 05:10:48

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"We're here!" Karen sang out as she parked the car. Jon silently walked up to the boys entrance to the pool with his towel in hand.

"Well here goes nothing." he sighed as he entered the room and quickly walked to the back corner or the lockers. After verifying that he was alone he put his clothes in a locker, applied some sunscreen and started walking to the door to the pool. As he looked to the left he saw the reflection of Karen with only boys swiming trunks on and her boobs bouncing freely, soon her face got red as Jon blushed and sprinted out the door.

The pool wasn't to crowded with only a brown haired girl life guard sitting in a chair not paying much attention to the pool. There were two families of 4 also present and a group of 5 preteens vacating the pool. "Well at least its not to crowded." Jon thought as he laid his towel on a chair and waited for Karen to come out and Join him. As he looked around he noticed a rather large puddle to his side and looking in to it he saw a topless Karen stare back at him.

"Having fun Jon?" Karen asked acusingly snapping him out of the trance he was in.

"Ummm.... ahhhh.... Just seeing how far the reflection thing went. I mean so far i have only seen it work on mirrors so I was curious." Jon stamered quickly.

"Well its just anouther thing your going to have to look out for. Now race ya to the pool!" She said as she left a stunned Jon and Did a perfect dive into the pool.

The rest of the day at the pool was spent with out a problem just as Karen had predicted. Though the red hair outline looked funny on the brown haired boy if you paid enough attention to it, though only Jon did. The only real problem came when they were leaving and a couple of teens were still in the locker room. Jon feared that they would surly notice him and decided to take the safe route and pretend to have dropped something and spend too much time trying to reach it. He made a fool of himself but figured that it was better than letting his secret out. Karen choose the bold aproach by simply walking across the row of mirrors giggling at the sight of Jon in her swimsuit with his balls obviously strained. She had no problems at all and they met up and went home.

"Well good night Karen see you tomorrow." Jon said

"Wake up early Jon cause ill be there and if you try to sleep in you'll have no say in the next spell we try. Sleep tight." Karen said as she drove away.

"Well its not like i had any say in this one." Jon said as he trudged into his house.

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