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13. Over to Sarah

12. Consulting the Stone

11. Distractions

10. Fog in his Head

9. Person at the Door

8. Meanwhile, with Steve...

7. Approval and Disapproval

6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

The Sisterhood: Over to Sarah

avatar on 2022-02-08 08:46:59
Episode last modified by Tenkuu23 on 2022-11-10 01:35:52

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"I'm home." Sarah said to no one in particular as she entered the house. Her Mom was clearly home as some of her music was playing on the sound system. Sarah really had no idea what kind of music it was, it sounded nice, but it wasn't all that memorable.

"Ah, Sarah." Susan McMillan said as she poked her head into the (rather large) house's entrance to meet her daughter. "You're home early."

"New principal ended the day early." Sarah replied.

Susan took a moment to think things over before smiling. "I see, well I wasn't expecting you home so soon, but I can make use of this. ​Can you go through to the kitchen for a second? I'll be right there."

Sarah shrugged and did as Susan asked. Once she'd grabbed a drink, Susan entered the room.

"So, how was School?" Susan asked, smiling.

"Nothing special apart from the new principal." Sarah shrugged.

"I see, fair enough." Susan replied, grabbing a cup of coffee. "Well either way, some congratulations are in order."

"What for?" Sarah asked, confused.

"Well, you know that group I'm part of? A women's rights association?" Susan replied, "They've given the OK to make you a member."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Sarah said bluntly. "I wasn't even interested in joining your women's group."

"Trust me Sarah, you will be. Now finish up your food, I need a little help with our guest in the other room."

Sarah raised an eyebrow. "What sort of help?"

"Nothing special." Susan replied, "All I need you to do is paint our guests nails. Once you've done that, you're free to do what you want for the rest of the day." She added, passing Sarah two nail polish bottles, a dark purple shade along with a combination top and base coat.

"Fine, if it means I get the rest of the day to myself, I'll do it." Sarah replied. Susan smiled and led her into the other room to meet their guest.

Sarah's initial thoughts on her Mom's guest were one of pity. For one, she was blushing furiously, no doubt because of the purple bodycon dress that she was wearing. The fact that she was constantly shifting in her seat made it even more obvious.

'Probably not used to wearing a dress like that' Sarah thought, 'Shame, it really suits her.'

"Kylie, this is my daughter Sarah, she's going to paint your nails for you." Susan said warmly. "They'll look lovely when she's done."

"Y-yes Mrs. M-McMillan." Kylie replied.

'Yeah, definitely out of her comfort zone.' Sarah thought. 'Well, let's get this over with.'

Grabbing an end table and an ottoman and putting it in front of Kylie, Sarah sat down and got to work, quickly and expertly applying the base coat on all of Kylie's fingers, before proceeding to the main colour. By the time she was done with Kylie's left hand, she was getting a little annoyed by all of Kylie's squirming.

'God, just sit still already.' Sarah thought. 'It's only a dress.'

"Ah, Sarah. Hold on for a minute." Susan said, handing Sarah a small box. Opening it, Sarah saw a pair of earrings inside.

"I already own ones like this though." She replied.

"I know, these ones are special though. Wear them while you continue with Kylie's nails." Susan said, smiling. "You'll see why I say you'll be interested in my women's group."

Sarah looked at her mother for a second before deciding to get things over and done with. She quickly swapped the earrings she was already wearing out for the 'new' pair before getting back to work. After a minute or two, Sarah realised something.

'How big is this girl's right hand?!'

Quickly checking back to Kylie's left hand, she saw that it was bigger than she previously thought as well. The size was pretty much the only thing that had changed, but both hands were noticeably bigger than she'd remembered. She looked up at Kylie's face... and was stunned as she looked over the rest of this guest.

Despite the full makeup job, it was unmistakably a man's face on top of this woman's body. Kylie also looked like... he? She? Whichever was the right answer, the shuffling around was clearly because they looked like they were about to orgasm. HARD.

"Finish what you're doing Sarah, and we'll give Kyle a ride back to his house. I'll explain everything in the car."

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