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2. A bar between worlds to start

1. The Drafting Board

Start: The Secret Bar

on 2018-04-28 11:03:23

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Somewhere… a ‘not too hidden’ place existed. It wasn’t place one could find intentionally, just that sometimes people stumbled upon it.

They never left in quite the same way. One might be the first to bring an item of magic into the world, or a sudden understanding of the sciences… For the most part people came here twice- once at the start of their journey and once again at the very end.

It had a rather warm and inviting atmosphere with a roaring fireplace and a bar serving local drinks. One could always expect their favourite to be provided if perhaps at a slightly odd colour. Perhaps the strange thing about this bar was how some parts of the dining area were lit, while others were in perpetual darkness. People saw eachother but not always saw quite how large the place they dined in was… or what the other dezins looked like.

One human bartender stood polishing a glass. With a handlebar mustache and wizened appearance he might have been in his fifties. He was comely and mature, with bright blue eyes. A sngle name-tag was on his lapel telling all his name was ‘Bill.’

Bill the Bartender could see everyone here… he made no judgement, and rarely did he bar anyone entry as long as they behaved. There were Laws here, fundemental laws that meant things just had to be a certain way. If things didn’t go that way, one would suddenly simply not be- and if they were fortunate that might ‘be’ elsewhere.

The place seemed settled though right now. Everyone talking of things going on, or will be.. or had been for the few that returned here. Soon… someone new will be here...

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