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3. Jon Gets Another Idea

2. Jon Gets an Actual Good Idea

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Gets Another Idea

on 2007-05-28 06:06:25

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The school day proceeded much more smoothly than the previous one did. Karyn felt a lot less awkward as people seemed to accept both her change to and from a big chested blonde. That night, Jon had another idea; if wishes could have built in or retroactive limits or clauses allowing their negation, then what was to stop him from having a little fun and returning things to normal when he was done? While he would not (ordinarily) consider playing such a trick on Karyn, especially after what she had just gone through, there were plenty of other options. Jon paused to weigh his options. He could get revenge on people he didn't like, have any girl he wanted or anything else he could possibly desire as long as he included a back door in the wish allowing him to cancel it. Now what should he wish for first?

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