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2. Jon Gets an Actual Good Idea

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Gets an Actual Good Idea

on 2007-05-28 05:52:15

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The rest of the day passed uneventfully, or as uneventfully as it could be for Karen, whose newly enlarged breasts struggled to burst out of her now too small sweater. She kept feeling that everyone was staring at her new attributes, even the other girls. Boys seemed to want her more, and some of the girls seemed to be jealous. Jon at least had the decency to pretend he wasn't looking.

That night, as Jon was trying to find a solution, and decide if he really wanted to change things back, he hit on an idea. But it would have to wait until he saw Karen the next day.

When he did see her the next day, Karen was wearing a t-shirt (again, much too small for her new breasts) and was desperately trying to cover herself without looking like she was covering herself. "I hope that the stone can help get us out of the mess it helped get us into," she said, as they went to school.

"I actually think that there may be a solution to the problem of not contradicting wishes," said Jon. "Perhaps it's possible to retroactively put time limits or conditions under which a wish can be reversed. Maybe we can even put these conditions into wishes as we wish them. That way, if conditions for reversing a wish are built into a wish, reversing a wish would actually qualify as fulfilling the wish."

"That actually sounds like a good idea," said Karen. "Like if we wish that my wish yesterday would only last ten more minutes and I would return to normal, or that my hair is dyed and it has already grown out or something like that."

Jon agreed and made the wish. "I wish to know if is possible to put conditions into a wish that would allow us to negate or otherwise end wishes and to know if it is possible to retroactively place conditions on a wish, like time limits or a similar logical reason, that would end or allow us to end wishes." The stone flashed and Jon got his answer. "Good. It is possible. Conditions ending a wish that are built into a wish would qualify as fulfilling a wish as much as the actual conditions of the wish. Retroactive conditions also work because they are adding to a wish actually happened, rather than denying the event, and this includes time limits. Like wishing that your breasts would stay their current large size for ten more minutes still accounts for the fact that the initial wish was still made, while adding a condition that modifies, rather than negates, the wish."

"Good," said Karen, grabbing the rock. "I wish that my wish to have blonde hair and big breasts would last for ten more minutes and then return to the way they were immediately before I made the wish. This could be explained by others that I had my hair dyed blonde and now it has grown out and returned to my original red and I had been wearing padded bras to make myself look bigger and was now back to my original bras." The stone flashed and by the time Jon and Karen got to school the ten minutes had expired. Karen suddenly felt strange, but after a moment the feeling passed. "Did it work?" she tentatively asked Jon.

"Yep," said Jon. "You're back to your old self again." Karen sighed with relief and the two of them proceeded on to school.

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