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12. Consulting the Stone

11. Distractions

10. Fog in his Head

9. Person at the Door

8. Meanwhile, with Steve...

7. Approval and Disapproval

6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

The Sisterhood: Consulting the Stone

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"I wish that Karyn and I knew what my previous wish did." Jon said, holding the stone in his hand. It grew slightly warm for a second, before fading. Jon and Karyn shut their eyes while the new information entered their heads. "Nope. The stone's not going to tell us anything."

"Well, not anything new at least." Karyn replied. "The wish is definitely responsible for the new staff at school, but it feels like the stone's keeping any info we don't know hidden."

"So we've got to work out what's happening ourselves then." Jon replied.

"Hey, wouldn't be interesting if we knew ahead of time, huh?" Karyn smiled as the two sat down on Jon's bed. "Tell you what, I know about the post-wish world. You know about the world pre-wish. That at least gives us something. If something seems off to you, tell me and we'll compare notes."

"Yeah. considering we don't know if this is over yet, that's a good idea." Jon conceded. "So, you wanna do something else today?"

"Hmm, I'm always up for going to the mall. Plenty of stuff to do there." Karyn replied. Jon nodded as the two got up and left the house.

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