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2. YAWYW Changed School - Charact

1. The Forum

YAWYW Changed School - Character Sheet

on 2022-02-07 10:55:33

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It was suggested I create a character sheet for the story I started. A good idea as it is easy to lose track with the several new characters.
If you want to, go wild with whatever I came up with, as of now, these are the characters I have worked out already.

Name: Isabelle DeVries
Previous Identity: Athena DeVries
Height: 5'5
Hair: Long brown hair, mostly worn in a ponytail.
Clothing: Catholic conservative and feminine, wears oval glasses
Behavior: Shy, meek, fearful towards her previous life, very confident and enthusiastic about religious topics (As long as she knows about them, which isn't very often as of now)

As she was present when the wish was spoken, she has kept her memories.
Even though she has no real knowledge of christianity, she appears to be very devout and tries to follow the few principles she knows.
She very much idolizes the original version of Nadine Ferguson and uses behavior as a template on what a person she should be.
She is very adamant about missionary work and sees it as her task to help more people to enlightenment.

Name: Elizabeth McMillan (Lizzy)
Previous Identity: Sarah McMillan
Height: 5'1
Hair: Shoulder length auburn hair, sometimes styled in a ponytail or low pigtails
Clothing: Mostly cutesy, often viewed as somewhat childish
Behavior: Loud, bold, nosy, often viewed as annoying, speaks faster than she thinks, very caring when needed

Lizzy is a person of high energy who cannot stand moments of idleness. She collects movies and video games and as she has access to the McMillan funds, her collection is quite big. Her home is mostly the location for meetups with her circle of friends as they tend to often end up in front of her big tv.
Tends to use weird voices or speech patterns for comedic purposes.
While being viewed as kinda daft, she does very well in school and can be very perceptive if something catches her interest.
Lizzy is good friends with Karyn since early childhood.

Name: Megan Ferguson (Meg)
Previous Identity: Nadine Ferguson
Height: 5'9
Hair: Short and slightly curly dark brown, almost black hair
Clothing: Very boyish, never wears skirts or dresses
Behavior: Loose mouth, short-tempered, often acts as the "straight man" towards Lizzy's antics, very protective of her friends

Meg is a tomboy and the most athletic one out of her group and a big fan of winter sports, especially snowboarding. The relationship with her parents is a conflicted one as they often try to force their religious views on Meg. As such Meg is rarely home and often hangs around her friends' homes. She has high aspirations for the future without being sure of her exact path yet, though she wants to be admitted to a good university, mostly to get further away from home.
While being short-tempered, she rarely gets violent and only lashes out verbally.
She knows Alice from her childhood and is very protective of her.

Name: Alice Meadows
Previous Identity: Biff Meadows
Height: 5'4
Hair: Long unkempt light brown hair
Clothing: Comfy and colorful, wears large framed rectangular glasses
Behavior: Calm, Quiet and soft-spoken, often takes time to think before commenting on topics, rarely curses and is easily embarassed

Alice is part of the Meadows family and so she grew up in a family where fights happen very often. As she dislikes conflict, she started locking herself up regularly trying to distract herself by drawing or writing.
She is very passionate about drawing and is often persuaded to draw something for her friends. Thanks to Lizzy Alice got into videogames, but mostly she plays story-heavy games now.
She often writes fanfic about her favorite games and shows though she keeps it a secret.
Alice befriended Karyn and Lizzy in her freshman High School year and introduced Meg to them.

Name: Hailey Gibson
Previous Identity: Jon Gibson
Height: 5'7
Hair: Long blonde wavy hair
Clothing: Girly and often somewhat skimpy
Behavior: Ditzy, selfish, manipulative, success-oriented, emotional and flirty towards boys she deems cute

Hailey is self-proclaimed queen of the school, with her father being the principal she was successfully accepted as such, despite her ditzy personality. Towards her father she is very persuasive, manipulative at times, which helped her to become the captain of the cheer squad.
A while ago she encountered Karyn and deemed her as a perfect candidate to join the squad and was saddened about Karyns rejection.
Hailey hates being called names and in result tries to be nice to everyone, she is ruthless though about whoever does so. She often gets assistance from her father to punish those who badmouth her.
Even though she depends heavily on him, she lives with her aunt, Jane Gibson.

Name: Richard Conrad Gibson
Previous Identity: Zoe Gibson
Height: 5'7
Hair: Bald head, a dark brown beard with some grey spots
Clothing: Suits or casually sweatpants-look on weekends
Behavior: Controlling, dislikes inproper behavior, happily spiteful towards people who break the rules, does everything for his daughter, likes to drink

Zoe was Jane Gibsons daughter and Jons sister, Richard on the other hand is Haileys father and Janes older brother. His wife passed away when Hailey was really young and he found he was unfit to bring up a child on his own, so he gave Hailey to his sister.
After coming to terms with everything, Richard decided to become a part of Haileys life again, without taking her away from his sister who treated her as her own daughter now.
Richard is the principal of Lake Point High School and values order highly. When his daughter became a student, he made sure she would have a good time at school. As time went by, Hailey started to abuse the power she had through Richard. Even though he somewhat knows what's happening, he will always comply to Haileys demands.

Name: Kevin Whitefield
Previous Identity: Zelda Whitefield
Height: 6'1
Hair: Short crew cut blonde hair
Clothing: Typical jock clothes, a shorts guy even in winter
Behavior: Foul-Mouthed, competetive, sexist, somewhat of an asshole, surprisingly clever

Kevin, like Isabelle (Athena), remembers his life as Zelda instead of his life as a jock. Unlike Isabelle, Kevin realizes how wrong his new behavior is and actively tries to fight his compulsions. Even though right now he doesn't know a thing about football, everyone views him as part of the team. He dislikes hesitation and wants to solve the issue about his changed body as fast as possible, even though thinking of returning into his previous life is creeping him out. He can come up with solutions to possible problematic events surprisingly fast and has no qualms lying to people to achieve his goals.

Should be additionally mentioned: Tiffany Sanders is some sort of male teacher, but he is not further defined yet.

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