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YAWYW Changed School - Character Sheet2022-02-07The Forum2
Changed School: Suspicious Events
Time for lunch
2022-02-06You Are What You Wish14
Changed School: Phone Call
Karyn answers her phone
2022-02-06You Are What You Wish13
Changed School: New Friends
Karyn progresses through the day
2022-02-01You Are What You Wish12
Changed School: Outdoors Talk
Karyn and Athena talk outside of the school
2022-02-01You Are What You Wish11
Changed School: Friend's Meetup
Athena encounters principal Gibson
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish10
Changed School: Siblings Meeting
Jon finds Zoe
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish9
Changed School: Changing up things
... everyone was different"
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish8
Changed School: Goths in the library
Athena and Zoe in the library
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish7
Changed School: Jons Emergency
Jon wakes up
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish6
Changed School: Wishing Stones
Zoe lets Athena leave with the stone
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish5
Changed School: Stealing from Whom
Zoe and Athena steal it
2022-01-31You Are What You Wish4
The Small Range Stone2022-01-31You Are What You Wish3

Recent Comments

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