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56. Other Change At The School

55. After School Activities

54. Killing The Mood

53. Tiffany is skilled

52. Tiffany won't let Jon say no

51. Tiffany the Girlfriend

50. Stalling Tiffany

49. Tiffany's office

48. In the halls

47. Former stoner

46. Feeling Guilty in Physics

45. Former Julie

44. The Tuesday Option

43. Checking on the changed

42. Jon Isn't Paying Attention

41. Lunch with Samantha

40. Angela Washington

39. Jon Holds Up the Line

38. Karyn's day so far

37. Talk with Tiffany Morse

Family Swap: New Day, New Consequences

on 2022-01-25 13:20:25

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As the clock struck 3:47PM changes once again swept through the school. Jon had been preoccupied at the time, but now he found himself wondering what the rules for the changes today were. For some reason Tiffany had swapped, and she'd become young again, but he didn't know what that meant.

While Jon had been busy in the office the magic had taken effect on more than just Tiffany.

As people were placed in new lives, some for the better and some worse the stone once again seemed to delight in altering people Jon had grown close to. The group of friends he'd come to know and enjoy his time with before Tiffany dragged him off had stayed in the school. They were interacting with the librarian for help when the time came.

"Stephanie, being pregnant is no excuse for your behavior." Cathryn Mcgill, the teacher tasked with running detention told the girl who had been giving her lip for the better part of an hour now. Cathryn was currently in the life of a forty four year old mother of two. The woman, who just wanted to get home and have a nice dinner with her husband and kids would never have guessed that two days before she was the first chair saxophone player in the school band.

"Mind your own fucking business you old bitch. I'm fat, ugly, and I've ruined my damn life!" Stephanie yelled, the other students in detention giving the raging girl plenty of space. She had kept her goth aesthetic, and some anger issues that were in overdrive from the hormones pumping through her from the pregnancy that should have been Tiffany's.

As the clock hit the appointed time the scene changed.

"I now you're going through a lot right now sweetie, but if you need to talk to someone I'm here to listen." Carly Mcgill told the girl before her. Carly had aged into a very fat older woman, though not as big as her former mom Zoe. Her brunette hair was now red, and in a more mature style than her girlish pigtails. This Carly had an ass so big her more rude students would often snicker at the thought of it getting stuck in the doorframes of the school. Her flabby middle had grown into a proper gut that pressed tight to her skirt and blouse.

"Thank you Mrs. Mcgill. I hadn't expected the mood swings to be so wild." Samantha Sanders was in tears as she rubbed slow circles around her baby bump. The girl Jon had dated the day before, and had been a spinster originally, was now with child. In a cruel twist of fate her wish for a family in her original life was now fulfilled, at the cost of being seen as an easy school slut.

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