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55. After School Activities

54. Killing The Mood

53. Tiffany is skilled

52. Tiffany won't let Jon say no

51. Tiffany the Girlfriend

50. Stalling Tiffany

49. Tiffany's office

48. In the halls

47. Former stoner

46. Feeling Guilty in Physics

45. Former Julie

44. The Tuesday Option

43. Checking on the changed

42. Jon Isn't Paying Attention

41. Lunch with Samantha

40. Angela Washington

39. Jon Holds Up the Line

38. Karyn's day so far

37. Talk with Tiffany Morse

36. At Least Someone Likes Their J

Family Swap: After School Activities

on 2022-01-24 22:47:51

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I wish all the girls at my high school switched families every day for the next seven days, and that I would have a new sister and girlfriend for each of those seven days.

At 3:47PM, the wish affected people involved in activities on school grounds, using the interpretation of at that indicated an event. So, Principal Morse had been engaged in some activity, if unofficial, with her student. And Kyla Robinson, for example, working alone in her classroom grading papers, was not engaged in an event or group activity.

So, what was going on at school at 3:47?

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