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2. Sarah McMillan got a letter fr

1. You Are What You Wish

Sarah McMillan got a letter from a grandparent, too

avatar on 2022-01-17 06:28:46

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Dear Sarah,

It's ya girl, Grandma. Yes, yes, I know I'm dead. And I know it's weird to you that I started this email with "it's ya girl, Grandma," but shit's been weird the last few years and, look, you'll just have to bear with me.

So hey, you know all those business trips I used to take to Buenos Aires? I'll let you in on a secret: it wasn't exactly "business." And I didn't exactly stay in "Buenos Aires." Your grandmother is-- was, one of the world's greatest adventurers and treasure collectors. You know how your mom looks so much younger than all your friends' moms, Sarah? You know how people seem to just adore you wherever you go? You know how I'm writing all this -- from beyond the grave, mind you -- like I'm your age and not, y'know, an octogenarian?

Magic. It's magic!

And right now, in Lake Point, there is a magical artifact so powerful that Old Man Malachi Gibson decided he needed to double-cross me, that he needed to kill himself -- AND ME -- in order to "keep it safe." He sent it to his grandson. You might know him, he goes to your school: Jon Gibson.

The artifact is a red stone. It grants wishes with only a few minor limitations. As soon as you have it, wish to know its limitations, it'll be easier than explaining them here.

I'm sure you don't believe me yet. "Magic? Sure, Jan," I bet you're thinking. Well, don't call me Jan, I'm your Grandma Ora McMillan, and you can call me Grandma.

And you can also break open that porcelain egg I gave you for your last birthday. Just smash it. I know it's not your style, and the egg itself is practically worthless. But what's hidden inside will prove to you that magic exists and, if you're as clever as I know you are, it will help you to get my stone away from that boy.


P.S., you know how your mother convinced your father that he should take her last name when they married? MAGIC!

Sarah McMillan clicked to return to her inbox and made a McKayla Maroney face at her screen for a few seconds. Then she shrugged her shoulders, walked over to her vanity, and opened the drawer where she'd put that ugly, ugly porcelain egg all those months ago.

Then she smashed it. And what was inside made her gasp.

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