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6. New information

5. In the new past...

4. A confusing aftermath

3. Something interesting with Kar

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Gibson Syndrome: New Feelings

on 2022-01-17 01:43:57

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After having to look away and having the equivalent of terabytes of data recorded into her brain, Chloe sighed sarcastically. "Well, that's a new one. So now there's a disease named for my family where I am...basically a girl with extra boy parts? But the girl parts don't come in until puberty?"

"I did say you were an idiot... Chloe," Karyn added after a pregnant pause. Though, a cute one, she added to herself.

Chloe looked around the room and spotted something else on her nightstand: her cell phone. She picked it up and unlocked it, not even noticing her PIN was different from Jon's. She went straight to Instagram and was confronted by a picture that surprised her. There were four girls, three in volleyball team outfits and one in a cheer uniform. From left to right, she recognized herself and Karyn, but the girl on the end (who had her arm around the cheerleader) was unfamiliar to her. She zoomed in on the other two, trying to make out who they were, when she suddenly recognized the volleyball player as a girl version of Biff Meadows. The other girl was someone named Victoria Molina, a name unfamiliar to the former Jon.

"Get this, Karyn! We're on the volleyball team!"

Karyn raised an eyebrow. "Well then..." Like with Chloe, memories came to the fore with the mention of volleyball. "I seem to remember you getting me into it as a way of spending more time with you when we were freshmen."

"I did not expect that..." Chloe swiped to the next photo, seeing a selfie with Karyn kissing her on the cheek. It sent a flood of new memories into her head. Figuring out she liked girls, not boys. Their first date. Being the volleyball team's "power couple". She stopped for a moment to process this information. Someone she'd known so long as her best friend was now her _girl_friend. Do I show her this? She looked at Karyn. She was cute. Really cute. In a way she'd never felt about anyone before, even before the wish.

Meanwhile, Karyn was looking at Chloe, taking her in. She thought about things. If Karyn wasn't attracted to Jon, why hadn't the idea of another boy as her boyfriend hit her? Then, suddenly, she remembered: she'd been dating Chloe!

Karyn looked her friend, now girlfriend, up and down, noticing things, finding her eyes wanting to stop on parts, her bust, her face. She noticed the way Chloe's top followed her form, the inward curve between her rib cage and hips, the swell of her hips. It was all... nice: she liked it, but feeling that way about such feminine features felt foreign. The way when, looking at Chloe's face, her eyes were drawn towards her chest. She had known what made a woman attractive, but it was a very different thing to feel it. Part of her felt uncomfortable with these new feelings, her old self from before Jon's errant wish; another part, one she was currently trying to ignore, was imagining what they might do with enough privacy. What had they done already? The memory didn't come to her.

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