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9. Person at the Door

8. Meanwhile, with Steve...

7. Approval and Disapproval

6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

The Sisterhood: Person at the Door

avatar on 2022-01-12 17:52:43

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Steve opened the door to see a pretty cute blonde girl smiling back at him. He didn't recognise her from school. With a look like hers though, she'd definitely give Sarah a run for her money if she was a student. While the two looked similar, this girl's whole demeanour seemed make her feel much more cheery and down-to-earth. Steve couldn't help but notice the girl's perfume though, some sort of flowery smell, definitely nice, but it was still pretty strong.

"Er... hi?" He said, a little surprised.

"Hello again! Just checking in after I had to bring you home last weekend!" The girl smiled. "I'm guessing you're OK now?"

Steve paused for a second as he processed what she'd just said. "Oh. Yeah, I'm fine. You're the chick that gave me a ride home, right?"

"That's right. Name's Cindy, nice to meet ya! Well, nice to meet you this time." She replied, offering a handshake.

"Steve Farber." Steve replied, returning it.

"Yeah, and folks call you... 'The Stud', right?" Cindy replied before noticing Steve's confusion, then trying to put things gently. "You were rather... insistent about it the other night. You were telling everyone to call you 'Stud' instead of 'Steve'."

Steve winced at that remark. "Must've been the alcohol. You know I still have no idea how I ended up getting that kind of drunk that night."

"Yeah, must've been one heck of a mix-up." Cindy replied. "Mind if I come in for a sec? Feels a little weird to be talking like this from either side of the door."

"I've been grounded and my parents are pissed." Steve said. "Letting you in's probably going to make things worse. No offense."

"None taken, but my ride's not going to be here for about 10, 15 minutes." Cindy replied. "Can I at least come in until then? When my ride gets here, I'll be out of your hair, I promise."

"...Fine." Steve sighed, letting Cindy into the house.

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