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8. Meanwhile, with Steve...

7. Approval and Disapproval

6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Meanwhile, with Steve...

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Meanwhile, elsewhere in town...

"Sucks that you're grounded Steve." Biff said as Steve got out of the car.

"Yeah, they got pretty pissed off at me when I got home at the weekend and grounded me until they decide I've had enough punishment. Dad took my car key and I'm not allowed to go anywhere. Only reason I'm allowed to go to practice is to keep my spot on the team. Anyway, thanks for the ride, man." Steve replied. "See you tomorrow."

The two exchanged goodbyes and Biff drove away. Steve sighed and turned back to his house. He knew his parents wouldn't be home just yet, so he texted his Mom and went inside. She was quick to reply.

You're not skipping school, are you?

Sighing again, Steve was quick to fill his Mom in on the situation, the new Principal and how she'd given the school the afternoon off so she could get up to speed.

Fine, you can start getting some trust back by proving you're actually home.

Steve opened up his phone's camera and went to his parent's room. Grabbing a scrap of paper, he wrote 'Getting some trust back. Proving I'm home.' on it and placing it against the mirror on her dresser and putting the picture she had there next to it. Taking a picture of himself with the note and picture clear and visible, he sent the picture to his Mom, then went back to his room.

Alright, at least you're being honest that you're home. I'll double-check with the school to be safe. If you've got any homework, get it done.

Steve sighed and got to work. Sure, he was out with friends over the weekend, but he had no idea how alcohol had gotten into the picture, only that he was apparently both blackout drunk and lucky that this one chick had convinced him to let her drive him home. Getting so hammered had gotten him in massive trouble with his parents (He was underage after all) and adding on the fact that he was planning to drive (as well as the chance of any possible accidents), it meant he was grounded for the foreseeable future.

'How the fuck did I get drunk? I didn't order anything alcoholic, did I?' He thought as the doorbell broke his concentration. Slamming his pen down, he got up to answer the door.

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