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10. How do you solve a milky probl

9. Difficulties with Laying

8. Jen's Feathered Problem

7. Losing Control

6. Making things worse

5. Easy

4. Jon Fess's Up

3. Karyn's New Look

2. School Uniform

1. You Are What You Wish

How do You Solve a Milky Problem?

on 2013-01-14 21:46:46

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I woke up slowly the next morning. I yawned and stretched, and it took me a moment to realize why I was in bed with such a beautiful, but very familiar, girl, and why I felt so much pressure on my chest. Then all of yesterday's crazy wishes came crashing down on me.

While all of that was going on, I had been caught up in a chaotic and horny vortex. I wasn't really thinking about the stuff that I was wishing for. But now that I could stand back and look at everything, I realized that I wouldn't change any one of the wishes we had made. Well, I might get rid of my egg laying curse, I would take back making Karyn an anal slut, but I liked everything else. Even the feathers.

I casually ran my fingers through then, marveling at how soft and thick they were. I felt perfectly warm, in fact, with my cloths and the thick comforter over me I actually felt a little hot. That drew my attention down to what I was wearing.

Slipping of the bed, very softly so I didn't wake Karyn, I walked over to the full length mirror on the back of her door to check myself out. I was wearing a very pretty night gown that came almost to the floor. It was only held up by thin straps, but dainty little puffs of lace covered my shoulders and trailed down my upper arms. It was very low cut and revealed most of my cleavage, although the cups covered the illicit material. Strangely, even though the gown didn't offer any extra support, my breasts seemed to have no trouble keeping their bouncy, perky shape, even despite their large size. And of course, as per Karyn's wish, there was a full length petticoat under my dress. Currently it wasn't any larger than normal, but I remembered from yesterday that it could be a problem later.

I slid back under the sheets and gently wrapped the still sleeping Karyn in a hug. Trying to be as soft as possible, I kissed her once on each eyelid. A smile appeared on her smooth face, and I had insider knowledge that even in her sleep she was starting to get aroused. I cupped one side of her beautiful face in one of my dainty hands and gently kissed her.

She was slow to wake. First she reflexively squeezed in tight against my body. Then she wrapped her own arms around me. Finally she returned the kiss, even though she was only half awake. After only a few minutes of bliss, she pulled back, still smiling.

"Well that's the best wake up I've had in years." Her deliciously seductive tone was like music to my ears.

"Good morning lover," I smiled back.

"And good morning to you." She gave me a quick peck on the lips and snuggled into my arms, resting her head on mammoth bust line, which felt amazing!

Her hands slowly roaming my body felt amazing as well, and I wanted to continue that kind of activity to its natural conclusion, but a different need finally pulled us apart.

"Sweetheart, I'm kind of hungry."

"I'm hungry to Jen. Hungry for you." She began nuzzling her head into my cleavage, gently nibbling with her lips.

"No. No. Come on Karyn." I tried to push her off me. "I need food. Real food."

"Awh Jen, you're no fun!" She complained, snaking me on the butt. Then she got a mischievous gleam in her eye. "Just wait here." She hopped up from the bed and ran over to where we had dropped the stone last night. Then she returned to the bed. "I wish that every day I lactate galleons of cool, delicious, chocolate milk." I was forced to look away from her breasts, which pretty much meant that I had to turn my whole head because she had conveniently stuck her boobs right in my face.

When I could look again, I could immediately see a slight dampening around each nipple. "Karyn! What did you do to yourself?"

"Oh don't be a baby Jen. Or actually, do be a baby. You said you were hungry, so make like an infant and suck." She pulled down the straps of her nightgown to fully expose her mammaries. Even as I watched a delicious looking drop of chocolate milk leaked out from a nipple and fell onto her lower breast. Just as it was about to fall, I decided that even if was more than a little weird to bring my best friends milk, it would be a shame to see it go to waste. Cupping the breast in my hands, I looked up at Karyn one last time and was spurred forward by her reassuring nod. I took the nipple in my lips and started sucking.

Instantly my mouth was full of the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. The cool, rich chocolate made me latch into her nipple even tighter and suck harder and harder. And when I discovered that squeezing would force the milk in even faster...

It obviously felt good for Karyn because she was forcing my head into her boob and moaning, "Yeah baby, that's it. Drink my yummy milk. Drink baby. You are my baby and you're going to bring all of my milk. Suck my big tatas."

She started thrusting her chest forward, driving about about a third of her milk maker into my mouth, which allowed to me to get more faster, but also cased her other breast to bounce erotically against my head, squirting milk all over.

Sadly, her milk ran out too fast, but fortunately there was a second source. Without having to think about it, I detached from the the first and latched onto the second with, if possible, an increased intensity. When I had finally sucked out every last drop I collapsed onto her chest, full and satisfied.

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