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9. Difficulties with Laying

8. Jen's Feathered Problem

7. Losing Control

6. Making things worse

5. Easy

4. Jon Fess's Up

3. Karyn's New Look

2. School Uniform

1. You Are What You Wish

Difficulties with Laying

on 2013-01-14 21:45:00

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Finished with her little comeback, Jen finally got off of Karyn and stood up, with the stone still in her hand, but almost immediately fell over again because she still wasn't quite used to her six inch heels (who would be?).

Jen had to grab onto Karyn's bed for support, bending over completely and giving her lover a beautiful view of her fluffy ass. Once she had straitened up she immediately knew how to fix her problem, using the miraculous little stone in her hand that had made her this way in the first place. "I wish that I have perfect balance allowing me to walk in even the highest of heels easily." With a few casual strides around the room she proved the effectiveness of her wish.

"Jen!" Karyn shrieked as she stood up and ran over to where Jen had just stopped. "What have you done to me me? I feel so empty! I need something in me!" Suddenly the tone of her voice changed from angry and worried to seductive and dirty. "Oh lover, fill me up. I need it soooooo bad! Stuff my big tight ass!"

Who knows what Jen would have said to that, but just as she was opening her mouth, the Karyn's bedside clock changed from 11:59 to 12:00. At that very moment a strange, alien sensation hit the girl. "Oooooh! Oh My Gosh!"

Karyn, temporarily able to put her own needs on hold, said, "Jen, what's wrong?"

"Oh My Gosh! Help me!"

"What?! What's happening?!"

"It's your stupid egg wish!"

Karyn instantly realized what was going on, and helped Jen lay down on the bed, and at the same time moved up the cloud of petticoats so she could look at what was happening.

Jen's pussy was completely distended, her labia puckering up and pulling apart. Her juices were running freely, matting in her feathers. Karyn leaned in closer for a better look and was instantly hit by a wave of womanly musk that of course started making her horny again.

Keeping her feelings in check, barely, she pulled back and said, "okay baby, I need you to push. Push as hard as can so you can so you can get that egg out." Jen didn't respond, but it would have been hard to with her teeth gritted so tightly and say breath sending her nostril flaring. But the grunting and groaning noises told Karyn she was trying to obey.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the tip of the golden egg edged out of Jen's hole. For some reason, the sight of that sent Karyn over the edge and she dove down on her lover's womanhood and began lapping at it like a cat dying of thirst. Instantly Jen's groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure and her legs squeezed tight around Karyn's head, forcing her mouth around the newly formed treasure. She just kept licking and sucking as one, two, three, four inches and more came out of Jen. And Jen's pussy kept expanding until it reached the full width of the egg at five inches. Karyn's passions went higher and higher at the sight and she felt so hot inside the latex. Finally, as the las of the egg came out with a wet pop, Karyn went over the edge, squirting what felt like galleons of her juices into her bodysuit.

Still light headed from her orgasm, Karyn would have been perfectly happy with her face buried in her lover's snatch, held tight by the same girl's legs, if not for the the feeling of emptiness in her ass. Her foggy brain put two and two together and realized that an eight inch long egg would be perfect.

She pulled back from Jen, who was still recovering from laying an egg half the size of her head, and frantically started running her hands over her butt, looking for a seam so she could fill herself. She quickly found a small hole, probably torn from the events of the day, right over the hungry opening to her ass. She grabbed that egg and began thrusting it into her body, sitting on it so her own weight would force it in. The feeling of so much pressure on her little ass instantly made her wet again, and because of the way she was sitting most the juice ran down and helped lubricate her hole. With a few grunts, groans and moans of pleasure, the heavy treasure slid in, and her tight ass closed up behind it.

When she stood up, Karyn could instantly feel the weight of her new toy resting on her back door. Although she had been satisfied, being stretched like kept a warm, gentle but erotic buzz constantly flowing through her body. Karyn laughed a little when she looked at Jen and saw that her already huge and thick petticoats were slowly getting even larger and, presumably, heavier. Jen's "curse" on her was a double-edged sword. Unless, a small voice in her head said, she doesn't wear any petticoats.

Well then l'll just have to fix that. Jen was just coming around as Karyn picked up the stone. "I wish that the I only thing that Jen can wear, besides something like a towel or a swimsuit is some kind of dress with a petticoat."

Jen jumped up of the bed and ran over to Karyn, tackling her to the ground. That started one of the most erotic wrestling matches ever held. Both girls had massive jiggling mounds of tit flesh bouncing around with each movement. Jen's boobs threatened to pop out of her corset ever moment, but Karyn had an advantage there because her tight latex prison kept her tits contain, for the most part. However, ever time she rolled onto her back it jostled the egg around, momentarily making her loose focus, but each time that happened it was marked by thickening of Jen's voluptuous and voluminous petticoats.

Trying to smother Karyn, Jen forced her cleavage down around her face. That plan backfired though, because Karyn immediately pulled one of Jen's nipples into her mouth and started sucking. To stop her, Jen slid back down and pulled Karyn into a full-fledged passionate kiss. Both of them were locking and re-locking their lips while their tongues spared with each other between mouths. Somehow, it turned from an erotic wrestle to a loving make out scene. Jen slid her arms up and gently ran her fingers through Karyn's long, soft hair. Karyn brought her hands up and gently cupped her lover's breasts, gently massaging them with only the occasional tweak of a nipple. Although their legs were entwined, they were gently rubbing their hips together for a slow, pleasurable sensations. In fact the most aggressive thing going on was that the two seemed to be trying to eat each other's face. Soundlessly, the two girls stopped their kissing and fondling, and cuddled as they drifted off to sleep.

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