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8. Jen's Feathered Problem

7. Losing Control

6. Making things worse

5. Easy

4. Jon Fess's Up

3. Karyn's New Look

2. School Uniform

1. You Are What You Wish

Jen's Feathered Problem

on 2013-01-14 21:43:42

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"This is twisted," said Jen.

"I love it," said Karyn. She dropped the stone to the floor and grabbed Jen, pulling her into a deep kiss. They felt their breasts swelling into each other, which just turned them both on even more. Jen wrapped her arms and legs tight around Karyn, and the extra weight made her fall down on her butt, not that either of the girls really cared. Even though Jen's petticoats were now so big they stuck out past the edge of her skirt, they had flopped up, revealing her moist pussy, which was currently pressed as tight as possible to the outline of Karyn's through her bodysuit. The two girls began grinding their hips, the cool latex rubbing their womanhoods.

After a few minutes they collapsed backwards, Karyn onto her floor and Jen onto her legs, although she kept her own wrapped tightly around her lover, both of them panting; perfectly round, solid G cups rising and falling with each breath. Jen's petticoats had turned into a massive cloud from her waist to her knees and stuck out a couple feet around her on each side.

Suddenly Karyn realized that the stone was digging into her back. Slipping one hand under her, but not moving to much so Jen wouldn't know what was going on, she waited until she could feel the rock in her hand before asking, "Hey Jen, are you ready for some more?"

"Hold on Karyn, I still need to catch my breath."

"No, I mean more wishes." Jen's eyes went wide and she tried to sit up to stop her lover, but she wasn't used to the extra weight on her chest (and she was weaker than she had been as a guy) so she fell back to the ground in defeat, causing her tits to bounce around wildly. She tried to contain them as she heard Karyn say, "I wish that everyday at noon Jen lays a solid gold egg the size of ostrich's from her white downy pussy, which easily stretches to accommodate it and is always well lubricated."

"Karyn!" Jen yelled, forcing herself into a sitting position and furiously pawing through the fabric cloud trying to see what had happened to her. Karyn just lay there laughing, safe from Jen's retribution with the stone under her, and getting horny again from the view she had of Jen's womanhood. All of her pubic hair, which was substantial since she hadn't been able to shave yet, had been transformed into a thick layer of downy fluff. Of course Karyn getting turned on again didn't help Jen with her petticoat problem.

"You know Jen, you look pretty good with those feathers. In fact, you look so good that I wish that your entire body is covered with the same downy fluff that's on you pussy, except for you face, hands and tits." Poor Jen didn't have to worry about what her neither regions looked like now.

The down covering began seamlessly a her wrists. It would nearly impossible to tell where it actually started because at the beginning it was only a shape or two lighter that Jen's healthy pink color and was so thin you couldn't really feel it, but by the time it reached her elbows the fluff was pure white and a quarter of an inch thick. It continued at this same thickness all the up to the top of her neck where it abruptly ended so that it would tickle the bottom of her mouth. Not much else was visible, except for her thighs, which were now in contrast to her "nude" stockings, and the pink tit-flesh that was spilling out of her corset showed up bright against her feathers.

"Karyn!" Jen yelled again. "Why?"

"Oh come on Jen. You're the one that said control sucks." Karyn sat up and pressed her lips right into Jen's. the downy girl was half tempted to comply, but as soon as she saw the stone she forced Karyn back down, nearly suffocating her under her ever-expanding breasts and with a few deft movements had the stone in her un-feathered hands.

"I wish," Jen began, ignoring the "Mppph! Mmmmm!"'s cuming from underneath her, "that Karyn is a complete anal slut and loves having her ass stuffed with things too big to fit in a normal ass."

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