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46. Control

45. Lisa's first day back to work

44. Making her decision

43. New Plans

42. Going Home

41. Wheels within wheels

40. Me, Myself and I

39. Do you really know everything?

38. Temptations

37. Joe

36. freedom?

35. 'James' tells all

34. fight

33. Knocking

32. investigation (corrected)

31. Shannon's note

30. fight or flight

29. Discovering the Evidence

28. the Truth

27. Becoming one


on 2022-01-02 16:33:03

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Lisa followed the new James into his office. She had a moment of disorientation as she saw the familiar room from a new perspective.
James walked behind "his" desk and waved his hand at a folding chair on the other side, "take a seat," he said.
Lisa stepped forward hyper-aware of and delighted by the feeling of her large breasts shifting in her bra. her ponytail swished behind her as she walked. She sat down and crossed her legs. Almost unconsciously thrusting her new chest forward as she sat down.
James sat in his reclining leather chair and looked at her. Lisa wasn't sure why. Maybe he was trying to gather his thoughts. It only belatedly occurred to her that it might be a dominance game. “We need to talk," James began. His tone was more than a little patronizing, but still 'friendly'. "You should be more careful about how you dress." James leaned forward and waved his hand at Lisa's top.
She was so stunned she didn't respond at first. The Human Resources Director would have slapped him for saying that. They were alone in a private space with the door closed and now he was talking about her clothes which in practice meant her tits. She inhaled, enjoying the weight of her breasts. They were great and they were hers! She felt her nipples tingle and her pelvic muscles flex involuntarily.

She thought that she was starting to get a handle on her horniness, but it wasn't working. Unfortunately, part of her found her own Nymphomania to be exciting. Another part of her was afraid that she would lose control, which she also found exciting.
She was both thrilled and turned on at that thought of losing control. It occurred to Lisa that one of the reasons why the old Lisa had always been so careful about what she wore was less about how others would react, and more about controlling herself
James for his part didn't say anything. Lisa was hiding it well, but he had been Lisa. he recognized the signs: a subtle shift in how she sat, a slight flush to her cheeks, but more than anything it was the eyes. He could not have explained what it was but looking into her eyes. He knew that she was on a shame-horny spiral. Those were the worst. The emotions feed each other. He remembered the time when ‘Lisa’ had blown her own cousin at their grandmother’s funeral. She had been 14 years old at the time.
James suddenly realized that this new Lisa had no experience at all dealing with those feelings. She was powerless to stop what was happening to her. Nothing in the last few days would have prepared her for this. If he wanted to; He absolutely could have her right now! Most of him still recognized all the reasons why an affair between them would be disastrous, but another part of him, a growing part of him, didn’t care. That part wanted nothing more than to feel the inside of her warm wet cunt wrapped tightly around his cock.
Goddammit, he thought, becoming James was supposed to simplify my life not make it worse.
What should I do, he wondered?

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