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3. Sarah gets revenge (Harem Girl

2. Body Swap

1. You Are What You Wish

A Harem Promise

on 2022-01-07 11:39:58
Episode last modified by Taglinemind on 2022-01-20 11:12:58

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Note to Reader: This chapter is based off of the original ‘John doesn’t realise’ chapter by the author Bob 1960. The theme is heavily similar to the original version along with the story structure but enough of it has been branched and changed to a different path and outlook that it shows that no plagiarism was ever intended and it stands distinctly on its own.

Note to Reader: Going forward all of the chapters written by this author "Taglinemind" unless stated otherwise will be written in the first-person when dealing personally with Jon and third-person when dealing with everyone else. Any other authors wishing to branch the story of course can write them in any narration style they like.

Edit 1/7/2022: Added some additional explanation to the wish in multiple edits.
Edit 1/16/2022: Fixed a quotation mistake involving parenthesis in the wish body paragraph.
Edit 1/20/2022: Added additional parts to the wish in order to make it more interesting.

Karyn couldn't believe it worked as she sat on Sarah's bed staring at Sarah’s reflection from a mirror on the ceiling. Holding Sarah's iPhone to her ear listening to johns answering machine.

"Beep" "John pick up, it worked I'm in Sarah's body, now we just need to undo the curse of the enchanted fortune cookie, John where are you?" She said her voice starting to panic.

Sarah sat on Karyn’s bed grinning as a carbon copy of the original red-haired Karyn. "Wow John I can't get over your magic or the power of that stone, it's so cool" she said.

The facts of the matter were quite odd to Jon. ‘Karyn’s’ hair was still red and her breasts looked their usual small size under her green nightie.

"How is your hair back to normal?" he asked.

"I dunno Jon-boy, I guess your spell kind of worked, I don't remember it being any other color" she shrugged.

“I guess that's cool" Jon replied happily still a bit unsure of himself.

"As long as you don't look like that bimbo Sarah anymore" Jon jabbed her with a giggle, Sarah stared in concealed understated anger for a moment, but soon joined him in laughing.

"Yeah the skank" she laughed.

"So I figured out what happened with you two involving that fortune cookie, do you even remember going out for Chinese?" Jon asked ‘Karyn,’ still confused as to why his wish hadn't worked correctly.

"Yeah I remember going to Pei-Pei's last night, maybe we should go down there and see what went wrong, wouldn't want your magic getting into the wrong hands" Sarah suggested smiling.

Jon couldn’t help but notice that at that moment ‘Karyn’ looked really hot in that nightie she was wearing. Jon stared at her body poking through the silk, his face feeling flush and warm. Looking away in embarrassment Jon returned to the task at hand. Coming to the conclusion that ‘Karyn’ could possibly be right at what she was asserting he knew that the outcome could be anything but good. Jon thought to the possibility the cookies had swapped the wrong people, what if he’d created some sort of Chinese witch? The inquisitive boy had to find some answers.

"OK Karyn, you um get dressed I'll head downstairs and wait for you" Jon said turning red.

"Why? Aren’t we close enough already?" Karyn replied pouting, she pulled the straps over her shoulder and the nightie drop to her feet.

Jon stared at her body in all its glory too stunned to realize that this behavior was completely out of character for the usually modest and reserved Karyn. Dropping the stone and covering his eyes in decency Jon staggered and stumbled out of the room mistakenly leaving his instrument of wishes in the presence of a hostile force.

"So easy" Sarah said scooping up the stone.

Knowing that her luck was about to change for the better and Jon’s was about to go down the drain Sarah held the stone up above her head in triumph before contemplating her next actions.

“I wish I was dressed in whatever Karyn would wear to go on an evening adventure with John."

The stone flashed, Sarah looked in the bathroom door full-length mirror and was immediately revolted by the sight:

"Eww, Green jumper and a red skirt... The girl’s useless...”

The outfit wasn’t what she would have worn in her original body even if her life was in danger but she had to maintain the illusion of being Karyn and wearing more girly outfits would have sent Jon’s alarm bells going off in full force that something was off. Thinking back to the reason why she really wanted the stone at the moment a devilish grin crept across her mouth as a wish came into focus.

“I wish that at the Chinese restaurant an eighteen year-old blond bimbo with long hair and large all-natural breasts called... Mm... Bonnie Higgins would be getting take out before heading back to her assigned station as a bought and owned modern-day harem slave girl at a mansion. Jon would say something nasty to her and she would reply saying something nasty. I wish the odd Chinese woman who gave me and Karyn fortune cookies would do the same to him and Bonnie and when he gets home he would open the cookie and be stuck as an obedient harem girl... I also wish that Bonnie as Jon would get his intelligence and learn to love being smart and John would be a dumb bimbo. While Jon as Bonnie will obviously hate what he has become in the beginning, whether or not his mind accepts the changes as well will all depend on his attitude. The more he refuses his new life and what he has become his mind and memories will stay the same as it was as a boy in his old life but the more he accepts his new life and the changes in it the more his mind, personality, and memories will change to fit in better with the new woman that he is. Jon’s intelligence level will drop to match that of the original Bonnie regardless of his resistance to the changes. With enough acceptance Jon’s mind and personality will change to love the prospect of living and working as an obedient harem girl among his fellow harem sisters in the mansion. Also if he fully accepts life as Bonnie Higgins Jon’s memories of life as a girl will ultimately replace his memories of life as a boy." Sarah finished the wish laughing hysterically in the process. Sarah grabbed Karyn’s coat and headed downstairs.

Jon sat on the sofa in the dark waiting and badgering himself about his earlier mess.

“Did I just screw up with Karyn”

Jon wondered this and other questions in his mind until he heard Karyn coming down the stairs, dressed in her usual dorky way.

"You forgot the wishing stone stupid"

Karyn laughed throwing the stone to Jon. "Yeah, thanks" he replied fumbling the catch in the process and having to retrieve the stone from the floor. That was the Karyn he knew and loved. Both of them left the house and headed in the direction of downtown.

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