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9. Erica didn’t have to wait long

8. Jason refuses to believe her,

7. Eric must become Erica (Altern

6. The new Jason

5. Eric messes with Jason's mind

4. Booting up the PC.

3. Eric

2. The Magic Shop (For those who

1. You Are What You Wish

A Hard Won Victory for Erica

on 2021-12-23 02:56:04

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Fortunately for Erica she didn’t have to wait long or put in any effort at all to feel appreciated by Jason. As soon as Erica began her repeated sexy strides from earlier towards her bedroom door she heard a knocking sound coming from that same direction. Stopping in her tracks Erica’s heartbeat rapidly increased as did her breathing. Panting Erica asked:

“Who is it?”

“Erica?” answered a voice that Erica knew so well.

A yelp of Joy escaped her lips as she pleaded:


The door swung open at that point and her Jason stood in the doorway dominance and assertiveness etched into his very nature. Nearly crying in joy at this point Erica couldn’t hold herself back any longer as she rushed forward in her high heels. Although Before she even got halfway across the room Jason’s larger stride overtook her and swept her entire body up in his arms. Neither of them had much time to breathe as their lips met and stay locked together as Jason carried Erica to her bed. Laying her down on her back Jason refused to cease the kissing of his love for long as he had to quickly remove her skimpy garments followed by his own. What followed was one of the most passionate and euphoric moments in either of their lives but most especially for Erica who was newly minted into womanhood and her own hard won belief that she didn’t need a life editing program to want to stay a woman or love her boyfriend as much as she wholeheartedly did.

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