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8. Jason refuses to believe her,

7. Eric must become Erica (Altern

6. The new Jason

5. Eric messes with Jason's mind

4. Booting up the PC.

3. Eric

2. The Magic Shop (For those who

1. You Are What You Wish

Roadblock vs. High Heels

on 2021-12-23 02:53:29

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Erica had begun to giggle walking slowly downstairs in a show for her boyfriend as her bright smile almost threatened to permanently sear itself onto her features. Getting to the foot of the stairs and sexily walking the last several feet to a stunned Jason didn’t faze her in the least. Erica’s adorable giggles had broken into full laughter of happiness as she swung her arms around Jason's neck and interlocked them as she allowed herself to fall into his chest. Laughing and Hugging tightly she was waiting expectantly with her eyes closed listening to his heartbeat and for the special words from him.

“I Love You”

Erica wanted it hell she begged whoever in her mind was listening for it but it never came.

“Who are you?”

These are the words Erica heard from an annoyed tone and it felt like an icy dagger had pierced her heart as her smile and giggling ceased. Lifting her head from his broad and warm chest Erica stared into his eyes with tears threatening to spill out from her own as they glistened.

“How can you not recognize your own girlfriend?” Erica asked with a lump in her throat.

“Your not my girlfriend. Sure your really pretty and attractive but the only person I’ve ever loved is Eric.” Said Jason

“I’m Eric though” begged an increasingly desperate Erica.

“That’s impossible Eric is a boy and you’re obviously a girl. Now if you could cut this charade and go get Eric for me I would really appreciate it.”

At this Erica stopped talking and just stared at him. How stupid could she have been she wondered as Jason was still attracted to Eric as a male and the fact that she was now female didn’t carry over within the programming or the fact that he was acting more assertive and dominant to her something she found attractive where her as Eric Jason would have been submissive. Picking herself up once again she promptly turned around and walked back up the stairs to her room and seated herself back in front of the computer.

Working quickly and with a purpose Erica brought up Jason’s avatar and erased her earlier changes to Jason’s sexuality and his Eric relationship memories including the downstairs incident from earlier and started fresh as editing existing changes would have taken to long and frankly she really needed a hug and kiss ASAP. Erica kept Jason heterosexual but added that he was extremely attracted to feminine woman and girly girls along with his increased libido. Learning from her earlier feelings that she experienced she upped his sexual attitude and assertiveness considerably leaving it at 75 percent so hopefully he wouldn’t get impatient and force himself on her. Erica added command lines creating a long and passionate dating history between the two of them which hopefully would help generate positive memories in Jason’s mind. Before she hit enter to save her changes she wrote a final command line prompt to his profile.

“Jason is fully in love with Erica and wants to spend the rest of his life with her but has decided to wait on marriage until after both of them graduate high school.”

“There, that should do it”

Erica thought as she hit enter and watched the ‘save complete’ prompt box appear, she then exited the program. Finally she shut off the computer. Picking herself up off her seat and soothing her rumpled bikini bottoms Erica was nearly panting with excitement at the thought of repeating her earlier waltz and this time a passionate ending would be waiting for her.

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