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7. Eric must become Erica (Altern

6. The new Jason

5. Eric messes with Jason's mind

4. Booting up the PC.

3. Eric

2. The Magic Shop (For those who

1. You Are What You Wish

Aspiring Model Erica Enters the Stage

on 2021-12-23 02:50:14

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“Man I really don't wanna do this.”

Eric thought to himself as he selected his avatar within the computer program. He changed the gender bar from 80% male, 20% female to 0% male. and 100% female so he wouldn’t have any personality conflicts on the basis of switching genders so abruptly. Although he was also aware of the risks associated with going full fem including becoming too girly even for Jason. After hitting enter Eric was surprised by the speed of the change as right before his eyes his hair lengthened past his shoulders and turned a natural blonde along with him not being able to notice that his eye color changed to deep blue. The same time his hair and eyes were changing his chest pulled out into C-Cup breasts and every muscle he worked hard for over the years all but faded away leaving very tiny feminine ones. The male waist he sported before caved in to form a very sexy, obviously female narrowness and his hip bones flared out as they widened. Eric’s face completely transformed into a very beautiful female look at the same time expertly applied makeup appeared on it. Eric’s pants became tight in the back and loose in the front as his feet shrunk, legs shortened and thinned, and his butt ballooned outward. He lost five inches in height and another five shoe sizes as well as a much smaller collective arm and hand size.

Then the much anticipated clothing changes began. Eric’s white short-sleeve t-shirt that she had been wearing morphed and reshaped right before her eyes into a skimpy zebra-print bikini top. This wasn’t the end as a dark-Grey leather vest so small that it barely covered anything on Eric appeared and sat over her bikini top. The vest was small and flimsy and had no sleeves, remained open down the middle thanks to no buttons, was so small that midriff protection was a joke, it really did nothing to cover her chest or abdomen still even as she stood amazed at her changes Eric appreciated the tantalizingly small cover that added mystery to her. Next Eric’s denim jeans starting at a slow pace but quickening at every second dissipated as the legs traveled up her body until they were little more then tight denim shorts. With no pain felt by her the denim shrunk further and became a tight tie-side bikini bottom as the denim fabric turned to zebra print silk to match her top. The sneakers she wore became elevated as they morphed into 4 inch sandal heels revealing her pink painted toenails as her shoes receded. Then her room became decorated with pictures of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Models, Barbara Palvin, Behati Prinsloo, and the TeenyB calendar line. Really everything was hanging on her walls in poster form to inspire an aspiring model. The transformation had changed regular guy Eric Williams into girly girl Erica Williams.

When the changes were complete Erica stared down at her changed form with a sense of awe and nervousness. Erica wasn’t nervous about how she was dressed or her steep heels as she had no problem dressing sexy for Jason or any modeling agency who would photograph her and she knew now that she could walk and balance in the heels like she had been doing all her life. What she was nervous about while looking down and biting her lower lip was how Jason would react to this sudden change in her?

“Will he think I’m sexy, Will he like me, Will he want to spend time with me?”

These were all new thoughts that raced through Erica’s brain and she even found herself in the beginning stages of hyperventilation when negative answers to those questions invaded her mind. After a minute she picked her head up, closed her mouth, and put on a face of determination as she walked slowly and with sex appeal across her bedroom putting an extra swing to her hips and shakes to her butt as she reached the door and opened it.

“Only one way to find out.” she mused.

Erica rounded the corner to the upstairs landing, placed her hands on the stair railings bent downward to expose more of her cleavage at Jason who had looked up with a dropping mouth and with extra slow breath to her tone cooed "How do I look, baby?" as she slowly descended the stairs.

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