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8. Who Want's Boobs?

7. A small dark path

6. Where Am I?

5. Play It Safe

4. Job Search

3. David, the beginner

2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

Everyone wants a Bigger Cleavage

on 2011-08-16 09:44:10

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Seeing the potion she had was rare, there was a job for it. People got in line to use it and she would get 100 exp and 50 gold each serving. The bottle held 50 servings in all. With this she though she would be past level 10 AND rich enough to get a wizard to change her back. She decides to do this job and stands at a booth with cups out for people.

Oddly enough, she saw mostly males line up and she though "Pervs... But hey, I get money so who cares!"

He sat there for a few hours watching breasts magically appear in mens shirts and growing bigger then her's. Suddenly, out of the blue, a man who just bought 3 cups grabbed David and made 'her' drink them all. He realised just one serving made a MAN grow breats larger then E-cup, she was wondering what 3 would do to a female. She watched as they inflated like ballons and bursted out of her bra. They grew all the way to a huge O-cup size, whch she didn't think was real, but there had to be SOME measurment for them. They were twice the size of her head and bouced everywhere. She started running so the man couldn't rape her, but her boobs bounced side to side, up and down, and also in and out. she tripped and her face landed in her cleavage and she felt something staring to mould around her body shape.

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