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7. A small dark path

6. Where Am I?

5. Play It Safe

4. Job Search

3. David, the beginner

2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

Down a Small Dark Path

on 2011-08-16 09:29:23

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... a small dark path. Then he saw something. He saw what looked like a witch, or something. She was pretty busty and gave him a boner just by turning his way.

"Greetings, traveler. Do you know who I am?"

David was stunned. He just shook his head after a moment of staring at her deep cleavage.

"Well then, I happen to be a Dark Enchantress. If you wish to pass, you will have to defeat me!"

David needed experience quickly, so he decided to accept this challenge. He advanced on the Enchantress like a barbarian with his sword pointing towards her face. She quickly moved out of the way and hit him on the back, dealing 15 damage to his health in this RPG. He then realised a HUD that showed how much health and mana he had. He decided to do his biggest spell which seemed like enough to kill the Enchantress. He then said a few woords and a giant energy bolt fired straight for the Enchantress and knocked her out. David then came over to finish her off right before she said a few words.

"If... You... Kill me... I shall haunt your soul!"

Just saying this took all her energy and David saw a small spirit come out of the body towards the sky. He then started walking towards a treasure chest she was guarding. What David DIDN'T know, was that the spirit of the Enchantress had come back down and merged into David's body. At first he felt a slight chill go down his spine, and shrugged it off to the wind. All he had found in the chest was some womens clothing, which was the same as the Enchantress had. And a breast enlargment potion. "I guess this was a chest pointed towards female players.", he thought, and snickered realising the pun he had just made.

David had gained enough exp to go to level 2. On his HUD, a little thing he did not notice was that he was cursed. The enchantress was starting to make changes.

David felt the leather clothing around his waist get baggier, and longer. He kept walking, not realising his muscles were deflating like balloons. His armor got heavier and he finally noticed, but he thought he was just tired.

"I've got to level up some more, that way I can carry more things and find Suzy!" He said in a voice just barely higher than his own.

He started walking to the nearest town and found an inn to stay at and regenerate his health. He paid the 5 gold fee and walked up the stairs to the room he rented. He sat down, took his helmet and armor off, leaving him in his boxers and fell asleep.

While sleeping, the changes happened more rapidly. He became shorter and small horns poked out of his head. His hair grew longer and his face got smaller and he started looking more like a female. His flesh started getting smooth and soft everywhere on his body. his feet, hands, and waist got smaller as the changes went on. His body hair sank into his body and at the moment the hair growing on his head accelerated. His ass got sensitive and soft as it grew out as he was sleeping on his side. He rolled over on his back as the last few changes started. His nipples stuck out as his breasts grew. They grew all the way to a cute D cup on his new small body. His skin then turned pale as he started looking more like the Enchantress and the last change started. His dick started getting erect for the last time as it started collapsing and turned into a female vagina, and his testicles sank into his turning into ovaries. He was now completely like the Enchantress. Feeling successful, the Enchantress left his body and respawned for another player to fight.

15 minutes after the changes stopped, David awoke from his sleep. Feeling a little groggy, he slipped his armor back on, not realising the sensitivity on his chest and emptyness in his boxers. He made his way to the washroom and looked in the mirror. At that moment he saw himself. Or 'herself', as he was now a she. Her new nipples stuck out of the thin leather as well as her newly shaped ass. She ran downstairs and people saw her in a male outfit. They all laughed and she started crying, acting even more like a girl. She ran all the way to the outskirts of town where there were only poor looking NPC's. She realised the pain on her chest was too much and decided to put on the outfit she had gotten. She stripped, seeing her nude breasts and cute little pussy. She slipped on a small black pair of lingerie and a skin tight spandex suit, showing a lot of cleavage and being a little see-through at her ass. It wasn't the best thing to wear, but it was all she had. She made her was back into town with all the males whistling and staring at her cleavage. He crossed her arms, making it hard to run, and thought it would be odd to run with your arms crossed, too. She walked through the town with everyone looking at her huge ass.

About an hour later, she finally felt up to adventuring again. She went to the quest building and talked to the NPC. As a female, there were many new jobs, and a few said for people with a C-cup size and up. There was prostistution, sex slave, bondage, family, and the original quests that would be in any adventure RPG game. She needed experience and the job that gave the most was...

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