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6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

New Management: Behind Closed Doors

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The rest of the assembly continued as a fairly standard affair, although Jon did take note of a few plans or reforms that Mrs. Fisher intended to carry out. The main one that was implemented right after the assembly was some light music (not quite elevator music, but close to it) was now being played throughout the school and would be present at all times outside of the classrooms. It wasn't a bad song though... just a little bit odd that this was one of the first things this new Principal had done.

Aside from that, everyone had been given the go-ahead to head home for the afternoon while Mrs. Fisher, the new Vice Principal Mrs. Ashcroft, the new Guidance Councillor Mrs. Webb and the new School Nurse Mrs Barnes got themselves set up.

"So that's it?" He asked Karyn as they left the assembly. "A new principal and some minor reforms to the school?"

"I know, but maybe that 'something interesting' wasn't set to happen to you?" Karyn replied. "After all, just hearing about something that's happened could be interesting. Maybe your wish caused that thing to happen at the other school?"

"It couldn't have been that. Grandpa's note said the stone can only affect up to a certain distance." Jon countered.

"Your Grandpa had it pegged at 'several miles', Jon. That's not a hard number." Karyn replied, "By that logic, it's possible."

"Yeah, when you put it that way, but it still feels a little odd that this something interesting is so minor." Jon said, as the two left the school grounds.

Helena Fisher sat down in her new office, a wry smile on her face as she leant back and closed her eyes.

"So Nicole, the four of us are the ones running this school now. How long do you say we'll need to have the changes take effect?" She asked the woman sat across from her. Nicole Ashcroft took a moment to consider the possibilities.

"It depends on how many males from the student body and the faculty meet with the Sisterhood's approval." Nicole replied, reading from the notes she'd prepared. "For the approved ones, basic mental conditioning can be done within a week of their first guidance session with Olivia, we'll just need to determine whether they'll be more use to the Sisterhood as a male or a female. Physical transformation for those who fill the latter category can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on several factors, not including the degree of change."

"Good thing our responsibility is for keeping things under control here. Keep me posted on the decisions for each case and how the girls that handle home-life changes are doing. I want to make sure that we keep consistency with them." Helena smiled. Olivia Webb was a pro when it came to her work. Her guidance sessions would frequently yield quick results for targeted conditioning, even if they did have to build up over time.

"Of course, you know I don't half-ass jobs. Now, for those that don't meet with approval, full transformations will take longer due to both physical and mental changes being set for far greater changes. At present, there are four individuals that the Sisterhood pointed out for us to keep in mind. Two males, one with approval and one with disapproval, and two females, the same. All four are students." Nicole explained.

"The Sisterhood disapproved of one of the female students?" Helena asked, intrigued. "That's rare. Tell me more."

"I knew that'd catch your attention." Nicole smirked. "The approval for the female students was one Sarah McMillan. Daughter of Susan McMillan. We've been told to cultivate a bit more of a responsible side."

"Makes sense Susan's daughter gets approved. She'll be a possible new Madame for us when we're done, right?" Helena asked.

"That's right. Since Susan's working on bringing the businesses in the town under Sisterhood control, we'll be helping Sarah to grow into her planned role as a future Madame." Nicole replied.

"Right, so we're not going to need Michelle's expertise on Sarah, some light-intensity sessions with Olivia should be enough for her." Helena replied. "And the disapproval?"

"Tiffany Sanders." Nicole explained. "Suitable as an agent, but she's rather... how should I put this? Carnally driven?"

"She's an uncontrollable slut then?" Helena replied. "Christ Nicole we've dealt with these issues before, you're still balking at the word 'Sex'?"

"You know I can't deal with... it." Nicole replied, blushing slightly.

"I know, I know, I'm just having my fun." Helena smirked. "Please continue."

Nicole sighed a little before recomposing herself. "Like with Sarah, mental reconditioning should be sufficient, though whereas Sarah's will focus on bringing a bit more of a responsible aspect to her personality, Tiffany's going to tone down her libido. She'll still be a bit... carnal... but it won't be at the core of her being."

"Sounds good. Making sex a tool in her repertoire instead of a something that'll make her more trouble than she's worth." Helena smiled. "Now... about the boys in those results..."

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