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5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

School Assembly: New Management

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As everyone filed into the gym, Jon and Karyn looked around. There was nothing of any real note that stood out to them, except some faculty and some women that Jon didn't recognise were sat behind where the principal would be. Before long, the assembly started.

"See those women with the teachers? I don't recognise them," Jon whispered to Karyn as they sat down. "Any idea who they are?"

"No clue. School Board maybe?" Karyn replied, equally baffled. Before long, everyone had taken their seats and the Principal, Mark Douglas, a slightly portly man whose appearance practically screamed 'I run a school', took his place on the platform.

"Alright, attention everyone, we're starting." He said authoritatively. "I understand that this assembly was sudden, believe me, I agree with you. However, actions have had to be taken with expediency given the... unusual circumstances."

That caught Jon and Karyn's attention.

"To make a long story short, the Principal and Vice Principal of Michael Greene High School, a few towns over have been removed from their posts following some recent complaints issued to the State Board of Education. As a result, I have been selected to replace the Principal there for the remainder of this year, and Vice Principal Baxter will be joining me. During this time, a new Principal will be selected, and we are being considered for the posts. If we are not selected, we will be returning at the start of the next School Year." Mr. Douglas gestured to the Vice Principal, Elizabeth Baxter, who was sat nearby. Karyn nudged Jon's arm, showing him the news article on her phone, it seemed pretty legitimate. Something about a currently unrevealed scandal that caused that school to immediately fire their Principal and Vice Principal.

So the 'something interesting' was this scandal forcing the switch out of the Principal and Vice Principal? That was it?

The assembly continued for a little while longer as Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Baxter answered a few questions. Before too long, they moved onto the next topic: the person that would be taking his place.

"Alright, alright, we're unfortunately out of time for questions and must move on. I will now hand things over to Interim-Principal Helena Fisher as I need to start the trip to start my temporary post. Principal Fisher, the stage is yours." Mr. Douglas said as he and Mrs. Baxter left the stage. The new Principal, one of the new women, stood up and took the helm. She was dressed professionally, but she looked a lot younger than Mr Douglas, only being in her mid-thirties.

"Thank you Mr. Douglas, I will do my best to ensure that you don't come back to a smoking crater." Mrs. Fisher said, a few chuckles coming from the crowd. She took the time to introduce herself properly. Apparently, her job was typically to provide interim administration work within schools, which struck Jon as a little odd. Wouldn't it have been easier to assign her to the other school?

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