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2. Iridescent Sun:

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Iridescent Sun:

on 2013-08-30 22:31:36

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So having fairly recently read the whole thing, I've talked myself into starting an ambitious project. I've worked on a graphic novel style webcomic before and I want to adapt the Iridescence to a visual format.

Needless to say, this will be a lot of work. I have to do a bit of rewriting for the adaptation, as well as figuring out character models and colors and chapter breaks and finding descriptions of EVERYTHING.

So yeah, lot of work. But it'd be awesome if i could get a few questions answered about things.

What month does the story start, first of all? i had thought YAWYW cannon says it starts after spring break, but it seemed to be more like summer heading back to school in the fall as time became more important. Or is this Sakura's fault?

Is this soft cannon set somewhere in Minnesota? (thought I saw a reference somewhere) if not, where?

Is there a good descriptive write up of Hawkins anywhere? is he wearing a Guy fawkes or what?

What type of tree is Father Max?

Did most people maintain about the same height?

What the heck does Invariant mean? (most recent Lilly post)

I think that's it for questions that need answered. For now.

The last thing is to ask if you want any sketches? Name an Iridescent Sun character(or post a link to a post) and I will totally do my best to draw it up. got plenty of time tomorrow.

(and now my self doubt kicks in. People are okay with this, right? I'm always really paranoid about using other peoples stories. No way I'm claiming any of the tale as my own. Just the art ;) )


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