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Member since 2010-07-07 05:03:50

another lurker2016-10-07The Forum3
In answer2014-07-05The Forum4
its organic!2014-05-03The Forum2
So, you refereenced D&D;? Lets do this thing.
Well, lets do this thing
2014-02-25The Forum5
Jon in the Realms: Observed by Evil
Meanwhile, at the evil HQ
2014-02-25You Are What You Wish5
On Drastic POV Change2014-02-24The Forum2
the dog?2013-10-03The Forum7
Nothing, really2013-10-02The Forum5
Home Movies: Zoe and the Dog at the Lake
Zoe and the dog at the lake
2013-10-01You Are What You Wish5
Jon's Commands: Karyn in gym class
Jon's greeting had side effects
2013-10-01You Are What You Wish5
Nick doesn't WANT a therapist
Dr. Not Important, because Nick has more plans
2013-09-19You Are What You Wish6
I understand2013-09-03The Forum9
okay2013-09-03The Forum6
More Iridescent Sun Stuff2013-09-02The Forum3
stuff2013-09-01The Forum12
Lucas Concept Art2013-09-01The Forum4
On Zoe, Part 22013-09-01The Forum7
On Zoe2013-09-01The Forum6
On re-writing2013-09-01The Forum5
on monies2013-09-01The Forum4
Love a sequal2013-08-30The Forum3
Iridescent Sun:2013-08-30The Forum2
where should Sorcerous Salon go?
Where should i put this
2013-08-06The Forum2
Unintended Commanding consequences
Wait, what did he tell his mom to do?
2013-08-05You Are What You Wish16
Out of Cannon2013-07-30The Forum7
Enjoyed it2013-07-30The Forum4
Finished!2013-07-29The Forum2
Finally2013-07-25The Forum5
I shall2013-07-24The Forum6
Indeed2013-07-23The Forum4
Shotgunning Iridescent Sun2013-07-23The Forum2
No problem!2013-07-18The Forum4
I suppose2013-07-18The Forum5
The dog did it2013-07-14You Are What You Wish7
How much Awesome did Karyn give us?
Where'd you learn to lie like that?
2013-07-12You Are What You Wish6
Bet on it: which came first?
circular magic
2012-11-20You Are What You Wish3
Jons new backfiring power
Uh... did Jon just wish what i think he wished?
2012-11-14You Are What You Wish4
Shrunken Jon: Mikey learns how the stone works2012-11-11You Are What You Wish13
Shrunken Jon: Mikey looks through clothes
Mikey goes for clothes
2012-11-11You Are What You Wish12
Wicked Science2012-10-28The Forum2
I can't do it justice2012-08-16The Forum2
story flow
not entirely the issue
2012-07-08The Forum5
Voila2012-07-02You Are What You Wish14
waiting worked this time2012-07-02The Forum6
"Ethical" Writing2012-07-01The Forum2
rating root page
worked for me
2012-02-26The Forum17
Out of sight, out of mind.
Quick Stash(2)
2011-11-29You Are What You Wish4
Stopwatch of Transience: Wish Catch-up
But what happens when time resumes?
2011-08-27You Are What You Wish8
Wish Dominoes: Toys that talk! And move!
I wish they would answer! (alt results)
2011-07-23You Are What You Wish8
Wish Dominoes: Toys that talk!
I wish they would answer!
2011-07-23You Are What You Wish8
Uncommon Cold: Back to the meeting
Back to the meeting
2011-06-06You Are What You Wish57
No matter how fancy the suit, It was made by a tailor
Wireframe Assistant
2011-04-30The Future of Gaming2
The McMillian twins
A serious wager
2011-04-30You Are What You Wish11
Target Aquistion
2011-03-16You Are What You Wish3
The disguise phenomenon
fix it better
2011-03-14You Are What You Wish19
Experiment: Water, Water...
To drink is to obey
2011-03-14You Are What You Wish18
Good science is reproduceable
Scientific Method
2011-03-14You Are What You Wish17
Karyn ponders
More persuading
2010-12-19You Are What You Wish15
Zoe expereinces nature2010-12-13You Are What You Wish52
Jon is too easy a target
ABCs: Jon's inevitable fate
2010-11-29You Are What You Wish10
ABCs: DeconCATination
John tries to help
2010-11-29You Are What You Wish9
A present for Suzie
Mom & Iowa:
2010-11-27You Are What You Wish25
A Plea for Aid
A Desperate Gamble (friendship bracelet)
2010-11-27You Are What You Wish14
Mass Hysteria!
At the mall
2010-11-27You Are What You Wish8
Iowa: An excuse to go shopping
A forgotten birthday
2010-08-15You Are What You Wish24
Iwoa: Mom's hotel room
Mom's trip
2010-08-15You Are What You Wish23
Sydney was his name
2010-08-15You Are What You Wish22
Clothes make fmore then the girl...
Returniing to normal
2010-07-24You Are What You Wish13
Sharing the Truth
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish8
an Intruder.
Someone walks in!
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish8
Speed change
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish8
Huh. That usually works.
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish7
Toil and Trouble, Payback Double!
Come here, Karyn
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish5
A little bit mor hair to comb
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish6
A tough respelling
Me no know grammer
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish5
A sycophantic horror
On the bus
2010-07-07You Are What You Wish7

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