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3. You hit the nail on the head

2. Seeking Writing Advice on Goth

1. The Forum

You hit it on the head

on 2021-11-22 22:21:17

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They are the same but from different angles.

The popular girls try and create an air of impossiblity and exclusion by being perfect. You can't approach because you are not worthy, giving them the power to determine who is worth their time, who they let in to what they have built as desirable, and the thing they are selling is being desired.

The Goths are the other side of things. I'm exculding you with my strangeness, I might be pretty, but I'm scary too, and I'm hard and I'm not going to let you in to knowing me unless I want to. The barrier with me is the darkness, is the strangeness, is the attitude, but it has the same effect as the popular girls perfection, I have control over who I let in and power over who is having a nice day or not

Both are keeping people at an arms length for control.

The only difference is introvert vs extrovert.

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