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4. Bimbo tech

3. Alpha chu new freshmen class

2. Camwood university

1. The Drafting Board

Camwood University

on 2018-04-24 18:31:11

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It was 8 am when Jade heard the door bell of the sorority house ring, she quickly ran down stairs half dressed baggy t shirt and no pants she tried to be quiet to not wake up the other girls in the sorority. Jade opened the door hoping to get the package her parents were supposed to send her with some of her things and some money, when Jade opened the door no one was there just a large package Jade picked it up and took it to the kitchen. Jade laid the package down on the kitchen table and began to inspect it, instead of a package from her family the package was from "Bimbo tech" 'what is Bimbo tech' Jade asked herself.
Jade opened the package and found a note enclosed she read the note it said " Hello, you and sorority sisters have been chosen by Bimbo tech to test our products, Our mission at Bimbo tech is to create a happier, bubbly and cheerful and change the world for the better,once you and your sorority sisters have finished testing our products notify us and you will receive a large lump sum of money" there was also another statement attached it read "we have included many of our products inside the package we guarantee once you use one of our products you will be happier and change for the better".

Jade began removing stuff from the box the items were 8 cans of soda called "bubbly soda" the label was pink and written very girlish, a large necklace with a very large pink diamond, several pink ink pens, a ring, a blow dryer and flat iron that was also pink. Jade was looking at all of the items when Riley walked in the room yawning 'whats all that?' Riley asked 'some stuff from a place called Bimbo tech they sent us all this stuff and apparently it was sent specifically to us they also said if we test all of the products we get a large lump sum of money' Jade answered 'thats great I say we start testing these right away which one do you want to test first and who should go first?' Riley responded

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