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3. Alpha chu new freshmen class

2. Camwood university

1. The Drafting Board

Camwood University: alpha chu new freshmen class

on 2018-04-22 03:12:14

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Here are the members of alpha chi

Brittany Adams: Brittany is your typical cheerleader type she is from Nebraska she is tall blonde and has blue eyes and good sized breasts,every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted her, unfortunately Brittany isn't very intelligent so most colleges wouldn't accept her based on her test scores camwood was the only college that accepted her despite her never applying or even knowing of camwood. Brittany's personality is rather dull while she is nice and means well she often comes off as a bitch or offensive even though she isn't trying to be and she LOVES to have fun.

Riley Stevens: Riley is from Texas she has long brown hair and green eyes she is average height,Riley is a very attractive woman but she was never a very social person so she never had very many friends or boyfriends she for the most part didn't care thought, she would have much rather spent her time drawing or listening or composing music, Riley had good enough grades to go to almost any college in america and her family who many were alumni of Texas pleaded with her to go to Texas but Riley wanted something smaller and away from her family so she decided to go to camwood. Riley although rarely conversational or social is very nice and hardly rude or mean but she comes off very awkward at times.

Sophia Rodriguez: Sophia is a Mexican American girl from Texas she has long black hair beautiful tanned skin and brown eyes and is a little on the short side at 5'2, Sophia comes from a very poor family and despite that she works very hard in school and is one of the best students in school and while Sophia is very attractive she often blows off relationships or friendships due to her dedication to her school work and pushing her self to help herself and her family, unfortunately Sophia does come from a very poor family so when camwood sent out the letter offering free admission all across the board Sophia and her family jumped at the opportunity. Sophia is very nice and generally positive but a bit off a bore she hates breaking rules and rarely has fun as most of her time is consumed by her school work.

Jade Lee: Jade is an Asian american girl from Ohio she has long black hair with blonde highlights hazel eyes and like sophia she is a bit on the short side at 5'3,Jade is a preppy girl from the suburbs and is very social however Jade comes under a lot of scrutiny of her family for lack of connecting to her culture ,Jade doesn't lack intelligence in fact she is quite smart but she is a party girl she never meet a drink,party or boy she didn't like, Jade has decent enough grades to go to any college but her parents forced her to go to camwood because of the strict rules and no men on campus.

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