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2. A frustrated woman

1. Altered Fates

The switching

on 2021-11-16 09:30:59

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Sally Witherspoon had decided to try it on there neighbor Jack Williams the guy that is suspected of being a rapist. She then remembered her sister had visited with her 2 year old daughter and she remember that the daughter had wet herself while they were playing at the park. She then remembered that the daughter was wearing cloth diapers.

She then had dropped the diaper in the box and then dropped the Medallion in the box and wrote on the box from a secret admirer and then took the box over to Jack's and set it on his front step and then rang the door bell.

Jack had came out the door and sees the box and then takes it in and then had grabbed the Medallion out but and thought the item needed to be shined up thinking he could sell it after it was clean. He noticed the diaper in the box and figured that he could use it to clean the medallion.

It was after he picked up the medallion he felt a small shock but he didn't think anything of it. He started to clean it not noticing that he was shrinking and becoming feminine. It was after about 5 minutes he felt a need to use the bathroom and it was after he stood up his pants had fallen down but the need to pee was stronger and he went into the bathroom and because he also felt like he needed to shit so he turned around and sat down on the toilet and while sitting he kept on transforming.

He shit and then while shitting he was peeing and he was surprised when he slipped into the toilet and was having trouble getting out.

Sally had looked into his front window after Jack took it in the house and she sees that after he picked up the medallion and the diaper that he had already started to at first seemed to shrink and then regress. She then saw that he had left the room so she went to the front door and found that it wasn't locked.

It had now been a half hour and Jack was now a double of Sally's niece right down to the birthmark. Sally had looked around and had found that the panties that she suspect were from the rapes and that she then hears some crying and then follows it to the bathroom.

Sally then goes in and then helps Jack out of the toilet and she turns Jack to see himself in the mirror and Jack is trying to ask what happened to him. Sally then tells Jack that right now you are a copy of my niece and that the reason you look like that is the medallion you were cleaning did it to you. She then says that she knows that you are the one that had been raping the women and that after 12 hours I will return you to your normal unless you cause trouble. She then sees his keys and grabs them and then carry's him to her place after locking the door.

She then goes over and she then had put Jack down and then goes and grabs some clothing for Jack. Sally had gotten for her niece a pair of training pants and she grabbed one of her daughter's old t-shirts that she had out grew.

Sally then tells her kids that this is Jackie and that she will be staying for a while. Sally then says she will be going to see there father and will be back later.

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