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2. A frustrated woman

1. Altered Fates

Sally's stress

on 2005-04-02 15:36:03

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Sally Witherspoon's favorite way to de-stress was to wander through flea markets and yard sales. How could her life have become such a mess? She was nearly certain that her husband was having an affair with an intern at his office, her own job was constrained by the proverbial glass ceiling as she watched less talented men get ahead, and her teenage son and daughter fought constantly, depriving her of any peace and quiet at home.

But at a yard sale she could just enjoy the quiet suburban sun and browse, and that's what she was doing when she found the Medallion of Zulu on a table at Susan's sale.

It was horribly tacky-looking, but it was too goofy not to pick up and examine. Then she saw the note.

As Sally read over the note, a slow grin spread over her face.

"It's only marked at five dollars," she thought. "Even if it's just a hoax, it's worth it for the very thought."

Without hestitating any longer, Sally bought the Medallion and walked back to her own house several blocks away. She set the Medallion down on her kitchen table and fixed herself a cup of tea. Then she sat and stared at it for a few minutes.

"So many possibilities," she murmured to herself. "Who shall I try it on first?"

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