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2. Gauging Interest: Fiction Bran

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Gauging Interest: Fiction Branches *Books*?

avatar on 2018-04-23 16:35:47

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Hey all.

As I'm sure you're aware, FB has always been free to use, and never had any advertising, and only recently even had any kind of donations button. We want to keep FB as open and un-obnoxious as possible, but server upkeep does cost money.

So I had an idea: what if we offer a physical book for purchase that collects FB stories?

There's a lot of considerations before doing that (what stories to collect, how to get author permission, how big it would be and how it would be structured, etc), but I wanted to gauge interest before moving forward.

If you could see yourself paying, say, $15 for a bound edition of your favorite FB stories, please upvote this post. If you like the idea in general, but couldn't see yourself actually saying goodbye to $15 in exchange for an FB book, please do not upvote. But comments are welcome, regardless of your thoughts.

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