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2. Nicole's World

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Nicole's World

on 2013-07-10 05:21:35

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I decided to bring back Nicole's world when someone put in a one-line branch, but I hit a snag. I saw the comment from 'AnotherUser' about wanting to deal with the exaggeration, which I'm approaching from a different angle. I figure that it is open to interpretation.

But, being as Sarah is the only upstream cheerleader character in this branch, and thus would have likely been within earshot, I've introduced her. But I'm trying to decide what new Sarah is like.

I'm torn between Sarah without traditional femininity is either a big hulking type, or at the smaller end of the scale. Notice her reaction is now to lash out physically.

The hardest thing I have with the initial idea is that if men are the ones who give birth and have what is basically a female form...what can I emphasize to make it seem like not just another worldwide gender swap?

I couldn't figure out how sex and impregnation would work in this circumstance, so I sort of glossed over it by saying that Jon is sort of afraid to find out himself. And so far, he hasn't gone to the bathroom or even a mirror to investigate.

Anyone have any ideas? Even with the questions, I want to see if I can continue it a bit. I sort of like the idea of Jon and Nicole being the two main characters of the piece, and exploring from their own perspectives.

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