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63. Special Mission

62. Back Alley

61. Third Mission

60. Second Mission

59. Funny Event

58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

46. Finding Land

45. The Sages

44. A Reunion

Clan Extraction

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Usually the library was a place to get patched up or get rewards. However, the library was providing a large van for us to use. I was aware this had to be a serious event for the game. There were going to be 7 defectors we needed to extract from the site after all. This was an Extraction. Our job was to have the van in place for them when they reached us. Once we had them, we needed to get them back to town and the library in one piece. There were stronger PEP units that were going to be handling the infiltration and cover the escape of the agents. We would still be taking heavy fire and facing the strongest the government faction would be able to throw at us. I was still able to take a large number of enemies out. I could not imagine the kind of destruction that 2 Devils could do. Paul was the better driver, so he took the wheel. We then set off for the extraction point. We left Dwan and went southwest. It was a three day journey until we got to a city called Sparkton. Once we got to the city, the cyborgs directed us to where we needed to be. It was an alley 12 blocks from their secure laboratory.

Instantly, the tension was there and high. For me, at least. The cyborgs were simply existing. This was the first mission I would be taking of this difficulty. We were waiting in the alley. The engine was still on. "You wonder why they couldn't hide the defectors closer? We passed some good places." Brett asked out loud. "Probably because all of us would be able to protect the library if needed. Dwan is probably easier to hide in too." Simon said. That made sense. This was a government stronghold. There would be no safe place in this city. When we got our X-frames out, we would be a stronghold of our own. The difficulty and frequency of the missions would probably rise as well. After 28 minutes of waiting, we heard a huge explosion coming from the direction of the lab. I jolted a bit. "Easy there, Brianne. Get ready for action." Quinn said gently. I nodded and we all donned our disguises. If we got caught here, it was all over. Dying would be the least of our worries. Being hunted down by high level death squads for the rest of the game would be more likely. It would make the game way harder.

Vermillion and white X-frames provided cover fire as 5 people ran towards us. Bret threw open the doors of the van and we called for them. We took pot shots at some of the armed guards following them in armored vehicles. If I only had the guns from the police armory, we would be screwed. The bullets did next to nothing. Our cheat rifles did some damage. It was the X-frames keeping them largely at bay. The foot soldiers were the ones we could take on. Once all the defectors got in the van, Paul hit the gas and they were on the move. Quinn, Cindy and I got moving as well. I was to keep the large vehicles off of them. My holy symbol was around my neck. When we got on the streets, we were shot at and pursued almost immediately. Beat cops and soldiers all were hostile to us. It was fine with me. I was pretty fast. When there were armored hummers or helicopters, I called down pillars of fire from the sky. Super soldiers in the road could be dealt with with bolts of light. Quinn and Cindy benefitted a lot from the mounted bonuses I gave. We had a special plan in place as we got out the city.

We had passed a town and another city on the way to Sparkton. On the way back, Avarice Town and Plasmaward City would be were we would be making stops. It was essential. The cyborgs needed to patch themselves up and the defectors needed rest. After going around in large loops to lose the government, Quinn and Cindy were exposed to heavy fire on my back. They got lit up by heavy machine guns and explosions. To kill suspicion, we carefully and slowly rolled into Avarice Town. It was still riddled with bullet holes and smoke was rising from the engine. The PEP hub here was under the bank. I tried to take some gold bars, but the PEP units were high level and all of them were watching Paul, Brett and I like a hawk. They gave us a money truck to move to Plasmaward City after we got patched up. We left the town under cover of darkness, but they were on our tail again by the time the sun was up. I used my magic to great effect. The others shot their guns. Once we disposed of that big wave, we moved onto Plasmaward. The hub was a gym with cyborg trainers. They had 3 cars.

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