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55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

46. Finding Land

45. The Sages

44. A Reunion

43. Conquistadores

42. First Daughter

41. Homeward Bound

40. Royal Court

39. Comradery

38. Going Out

37. Religious Quest

36. Recommendations

Dwan Town

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For now, the best thing to do would be to lay low and establish a base in the town. We left the town and made it out to the area between. There were actually creatures out here that were hostile. There was a small gang of scrappers fighting a large robotic pack of wolves. We drove by them, but they just began taking potshots at us. The scrappers must have known. Brett shot them from the window of the car as we sped off. When we got to the town, we drove around for a bit to look at what was there. It was nice. We could see there was a few cyborgs out and about. We left them alone and they had no reason to suspect we knew anything. We decided to walk around the town to get a lay of the land. There was a marketplace, shopping street, library, park, bank and a town hall with a nice plaza in front of it. While Neo-Rutten City had a population over 6.21 million, Dwan Town only had 12,575 people living here. It would certainly be a lot quieter here than in the city. We found Paul and the others in our group hanging around in the center of town. I took Paul aside and told him about the situation.

He was fine with it. "Let's look for a spot for a condo that can house a good 30 people." I told him. We found a spot on the outskirts of the town. Paul placed his hand on the ground and closed his eyes. "Let's get a high end one." he muttered. Just like with Brett, red and black lightning burst from the area. Then there was a bright flash and the condo appeared. It was 7 stories high with a penthouse on top. With the lecture we got from the punk, the encyclopedia of the game setting updated. I had been looking trough it a bit and I decided I wanted to make a Clan building. There was a good space for it across the street. I told Paul about my plan and he agreed. There was nothing to else to do but to do it. We crossed the street and decided what we would build on top of it. We could not just have a cyborg clan building out in the open for all to see. That would be attacked instantly. We decided to build a multi story music studio on top of it. That way we could make some music to make us famous as well as give the cyborgs that needed it jobs and places to work for money. It was a big win-win.

Putting it on top of the base was easy enough. We put in a secret room and elevator to access it. There were several apartments on the top for the cyborgs and 5 music recording studios and an auditorium for doing some live performances. There was also a lounge for us when we were off duty on the 3rd floor. The lounge itself had vending machines, a kitchenette, a TV, and 3 couches. In the back of the lounge was a locked door for the clan members. Once you got the key, you could enter the elevator that took you down to the hidden base. The layout was a simple one. The base Clan Hall was totally free and allowed an architect to chart out expansion to a point. I added a cross shaped hallway on the top and bottom doorways. The bottom were for two reactors. We were going to need a lot of power to keep the place running. At the top right, I had the Augury chamber because it was the prerequisite to any building and researching. Across the hallway was the Energy lab. We could make strong energy shields and weapons there. At the top center was an elevator going down.

The second sublevel had 2 cross shaped hallways. Top right was the PEP lab. It was where we would research the weapons for the cyborgs and their X-frames. Across from it was a large garden that led to a trading post and dueling room at the top and bottom. The Bio and Chem labs were across the hall from each other at the bottom of the hallways. At the very bottom was yet another reactor. That would be enough to keep everything powered. It was pretty good for what we needed. Every room that was not the Main Hall would take 3 day to build. That meant that there would be weeks before things happened with the Clan building. Normally things cost both a lot of money and resources to build. However, Paul gave himself the maximum amount of money Brett did for the both of us. We were not wanting for anything. All we had to do was wait for the research to happen. The two of us went up to the lounge and then looked around again. I looked at Paul and said "This is going to be great." He nodded in agreement. We then left to go get the others. They were pleased with the housing.

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