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2. Working on a fictionbranches b

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fictionbranches beta site

on 2013-05-10 17:21:18

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So me and a few others have been working on building a new version of fictionbranches, under the beta name "Experimental Choices" and I promised our big boss Zach that I'd get feedback along the way!

The site is fairly stable right now, and I've been itching to give it a bit of load testing. We were nervous about this but I say lets see what it can do and what people think of it!


Nothing is final and we will be adding more features and improving it as we go along.

I'm supposed to be looking at the back end of fiction branches sometime, going in blind with something from scratch seemed like a good starting point and then we can work from there!

Currently it uses a database from an earlier site I was working on and I'll be adding more starting places for people who don't like the John finds a device starting place.

Let me know your thoughts, and what I might have broken this morning preparing it! :D

Be as harsh as you like, this is my first iteration and its my first time building a full website like this.


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