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Erin stops at a store on the way home
Erin needs replacement for work
2020-04-06The Drafting Board9
Twin Note: ex boyfriend arrives
ex boyfriend arrives
2020-04-01The Drafting Board9
Audreys plan to go out and spread Audrey around.
Audreys plan to go out
2020-04-01The Drafting Board13
The Audreys sync up2020-04-01The Drafting Board11
Audrey minded Josh2020-04-01The Drafting Board9
Clonotron 2000: audreys imagination runs wild
audreys imagination runs wild
2020-04-01The Drafting Board7
Audrey scales up
Audrey decides to change a bunch of people
2020-04-01The Drafting Board16
Twin Note: inviting him over
inviting him over
2020-04-01The Drafting Board8
Sarah Self Selfies2020-03-31The Drafting Board6
TWIN NOTE2020-03-31The Drafting Board6
Mind Mirror Mosquitos: Todd begins to change2020-03-30The Drafting Board9
Reality begins to mend itself2020-03-30The Drafting Board14
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: Spreading through the office2020-03-30The Drafting Board9
Twinning Sarah: Method of conversion2020-03-30The Drafting Board5
Audreys meet2020-03-30The Drafting Board12
Sarah becomes a twinning entity2020-03-30The Drafting Board4
"Audrey" fixes herself2020-03-30The Drafting Board10
Mike becomes Michelle2020-03-29The Drafting Board8
Josh panics2020-03-29The Drafting Board7
Josh no more
Josh's identity gets swapped out for Audrey
2020-03-28The Drafting Board15
Clonotron 2000: More changes
Josh begins to “grow”
2020-03-27The Drafting Board13
Clonotron 2000: What was Josh going to do?
Josh gets to work on dinner
2020-03-27The Drafting Board11
Clonotron 2000: Josh struggles
knowledge transfer complete
2020-03-26The Drafting Board10
Clonotron 2000: Audrey is mad now
He just made her angry now
2020-03-26The Drafting Board8
Clonotron 2000: Mind and Outfit
Mind and Outfit
2020-03-26The Drafting Board6
Clonotron 2000: Audrey goes to talk to Josh, fiddling with the remote
She goes to talk to Josh, fiddling with the remote
2020-03-09The Drafting Board4
Jessica Johnson begins her act
Fred begins to change with everyone else in the crowd.
2020-02-10The Drafting Board6
Chloe gets bit2020-02-10The Drafting Board6
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: Ted checks out the continuing to change Allison2019-08-15The Drafting Board7
Mindy mosquito finds a stuck up subject
Secretary gets a bite
2019-08-10The Drafting Board5
Aaron’s business class awaits the keynote speech.
High school class awaits keynote
2019-07-17The Drafting Board4
Anna feels out the new world
Anna ponders and surveys the mall a little more
2019-07-17The Drafting Board33
Jessica the business woman holds a convention
Businesswoman conversion I mean conference center
2019-06-28The Drafting Board3
The New Amanda emerges
Amanda takes stock
2018-06-21The Drafting Board23
Amanda becomes encased
Maria encased Amanda
2018-06-20The Drafting Board21
Amanda resists
Amanda resists for now...
2018-06-20The Drafting Board19
James becomes a Nylon woman
The nylon cocoon processes him
2018-06-12The Drafting Board4
John discovers the nature of the unstable universe
a device to show the nature of the universe
2018-05-25The Drafting Board3
Hairbrushing for the new girl2016-11-22The Drafting Board8
A gothic queen2016-11-22The Drafting Board8
Katie tries self control2016-11-22The Drafting Board25
Hot Socks - a complication2016-11-22The Drafting Board23
Abby tried to run2016-11-22The Drafting Board24
Anna-Nicole2016-11-22The Drafting Board28
The cashiers and manager return to the source2016-11-22The Drafting Board27
Perfect tights: need to move...2016-11-22The Drafting Board8
A bright life2016-11-22The Drafting Board8
hot socks - clothing shifts2016-11-22The Drafting Board9
The bathroom changes too2016-11-22The Drafting Board8
Differing Games2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
She locks herself in the bathroom2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
Whitney demands to see Cassie's Manager...This won't end well.2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
the room is darkened2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
Hot Socks - Thigh high changes2016-11-22The Drafting Board13
Girlifying remote: Jessica is going to turn her school upside down2016-11-22The Drafting Board13
johns paranoia2016-11-22The Drafting Board13
Where to go?2016-11-22The Drafting Board13
Katie gets clarity2016-11-22The Drafting Board14
Some maturity for Sammy2016-11-22The Drafting Board14
Allison and John fates are bound in Nylon2016-11-22The Drafting Board14
Pleasing her nylonself2016-11-22The Drafting Board14
Contagious Style meets Sock Girl2016-11-22The Drafting Board14
HiaC - Melanie begins her path2016-11-22The Drafting Board24
Fetish Buns - the bag topples over2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
Hot Socks - S(t)ocking up2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
Her brother accidentally gets Cassie's wrath2016-11-22The Drafting Board6
Resistance fails2016-11-22The Drafting Board25
seamstress gets a taste2016-11-22The Drafting Board27
Plan...2016-11-22The Drafting Board27
Contagious Style - The Contagion breaks loose2016-11-22The Drafting Board12
Mind copy app - Unfortunate timing2016-11-22The Drafting Board11
Mass PORN-duction2016-11-22The Drafting Board8
A redheaded...something2016-11-22The Drafting Board11
Hot socks - new them2016-11-22The Drafting Board11
HM - This is insane!2016-11-22The Drafting Board7
Bimbo shampoo - In a nearby college2016-11-22The Drafting Board15
Fetish Hairbun - The showers2016-11-22The Drafting Board11
When John came to...2016-11-22The Drafting Board10
Hotsocks - white lies2016-11-22The Drafting Board7
Couples Whitmynd2016-11-22The Drafting Board18
Anna-Nicole - Rachel2016-11-22The Drafting Board18
Stepford child: Afterwards2016-11-22The Drafting Board15
Dark Mona2016-11-22The Drafting Board18
An Offensive drone armed to the hand2016-11-22The Drafting Board18
Manager arrival2016-11-22The Drafting Board19
something is very off.2016-11-22The Drafting Board17
Dark Wives - The husband returns2016-11-22The Drafting Board19
Jessica heads to the library2016-11-22The Drafting Board19
john runs into carol2016-11-22The Drafting Board19
Katie see Katie hide2016-11-22The Drafting Board20
Assimilation: An exercise class2016-11-22The Drafting Board20
Rachel shrugs, and Anna-Nicole moves on with her plans.2016-11-22The Drafting Board20
A girl was hysterical by the restroom.2016-11-22The Drafting Board21
Customer Service?2016-11-22The Drafting Board21
Hot Socks - A pair of lacy white knee highs for the local cop2016-11-22The Drafting Board21
john is super confused.2016-11-22The Drafting Board21
Anna escapes for now, but runs into another problem2016-11-22The Drafting Board22
Whitney Whitney goes after Cassitneys, but first, a stop into the gaming electronics store between them2016-11-22The Drafting Board22
John returns home2016-11-22The Drafting Board23
Approached by the management2016-11-22The Drafting Board23


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