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Jessica Johnson begins her act
Fred begins to change with everyone else in the crowd.
2020-02-10The Drafting Board6
Chloe gets bit2020-02-10The Drafting Board6
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: Ted checks out the continuing to change Allison2019-08-15The Drafting Board7
Mindy mosquito finds a stuck up subject
Secretary gets a bite
2019-08-10The Drafting Board5
Aaron’s business class awaits the keynote speech.
High school class awaits keynote
2019-07-17The Drafting Board4
Anna feels out the new world
Anna ponders and surveys the mall a little more
2019-07-17The Drafting Board33
Jessica the business woman holds a convention
Businesswoman conversion I mean conference center
2019-06-28The Drafting Board3
The New Amanda emerges
Amanda takes stock
2018-06-21The Drafting Board23
Amanda becomes encased
Maria encased Amanda
2018-06-20The Drafting Board21
Amanda resists
Amanda resists for now...
2018-06-20The Drafting Board19
James becomes a Nylon woman
The nylon cocoon processes him
2018-06-12The Drafting Board4
John discovers the nature of the unstable universe
a device to show the nature of the universe
2018-05-25The Drafting Board3

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