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83. Second Round

82. Claire Joins

81. X-frame Sex

80. Break Up

79. Angry Keith

78. Artist Keith

77. More X-frames

76. Commission Keith

75. Art Critique

74. Love Rival

73. First Date

72. Dating

71. Maroon

70. Reproduction

69. The Reveal

68. A Full Clan

67. Unsatisfying

66. Police Interview

65. New X-frames

64. New Member

The Others Have Their Turn

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All of this made it worth it when Red and Maroon returned. They had their X-frames to show off and there was also the promise that I made with Maroon. Since they were just the XF-02 models they were not that special to look at. They were both very good at piercing damage. That was good for those with heavy shields, but otherwise not the most flashy. The color scheme was off white and beige. Both of them had A-cup breasts and it made it hard to distinguish them as female. Red's X-frame's fists had a spiked gauntlet on each hand that was perfect for melee combat. Maroon's X-frame had a large drill that shot out from the stomach. They were both ready for some deep and intense sex and the two climbed in their X-frames. It was clear they were extremely horny. They had been waiting for this moment ever since the lab opened up. The results were well worth it. Alexis also was there and he got into his. "Since no one invited me to the last sex party, I think I can fit myself in here." he said. Maroon looked directly at me and said "We had a promise." I nodded and led them all down to the PEP lab.

Because the lab was only so big, it was just us 4. The others with X-frames had already had their fun and I told them not to come. They looked disappointed. Sparks and the Red Grind's Katie were just going to have to wait for their turn. Once we got inside, Maroon picked me up from the waist with a hand on either side of me. He put me down on the table and put me on my back. He then climbed on top of me and looked down. His neurooptics visor looked like a motorcycle helmet. The see through plastic of the face shield was a bright beige while the outer shell was off white. His genital hatch opened and his pussy was beige. I took off my pants and underwear. "I am ready." I told him. "I can't wait to feel you inside me." he said as he sank down on me. The velvety heat of the X-frame's pussy felt really great. Maroon grunted. He then said "I'm going to enjoy this." as he began to bounce his hips on top of me. He was way too heavy for me to take control of the situation. He took 10 minutes to cum with the same high pitched squeal. I was then soaked. "My hips just wouldn't stop." he said.

Cum was not installed in his body, so the ejaculate soaking me was thin and clear. I just pat his thigh and told him to get off. "Red and Alexis now need to have their turn on the table." I made up. I felt good and came, but being ground down for 2 minutes after that did not feel so great. Maroon then got off of me. We were replaced on the table by Alexis and Red. Alexis climbed on top of Red and they both opened their hatches. I stood next to them and said "You two might cum right away, but you can take as long as you want. Fuck as hard and long as you two want." They nodded at me and then looked down at each other. Alexis thrusted inside his partner and they both cried out in bliss as they came instantly together. Alex was the same way. He said "Human have some great features! I can't believe I've been missing this the whole time." His hips were sporadically pumping into Red. "How is this even possible!? My hips won't stop either!" Red agreed as his hips met every thrust. It took 3 and a half hours before Alexis went completely dry. Red was done as well. Maroon looked over at me.

It was clear that he wanted to go on a sex marathon like they did. That was obviously not going to happen. Humanity had its limits. I looked at the whiteboard and I put in a decision for the systems of the XF-09M up to be next. I wanted this out so Sparks and Katie could have something. Maroon was the odd one out when it came to the sex party. "Why don't you go look for Sparks? He can please you for as long as you want." I offered. He sighed and went to look for him. I was looking over the others as they laid on top of each other. "Was it everything you hoped for?" I asked. They looked at me and nodded. "We work at a strip club. Sex is something that I have been really curious about for a while. What does it feel like? Why do humans seek it out so much? Is it a flaw or a feature?" Red explained. I asked if he found the answers to the questions that he had. He just nodded without saying more. I looked at Alexis. He nodded and said "Seeing humans writhe under me in pleasure while fucking give my systems positive feedback. Now that I know how it feels, I'll dominate them even harder."

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