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80. Break Up

79. Angry Keith

78. Artist Keith

77. More X-frames

76. Commission Keith

75. Art Critique

74. Love Rival

73. First Date

72. Dating

71. Maroon

70. Reproduction

69. The Reveal

68. A Full Clan

67. Unsatisfying

66. Police Interview

65. New X-frames

64. New Member

63. Kill Him

62. Assassination

61. Cab Arrives

Lack of Trust

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I just smirked at Keith and said "Are you going to go by the parts at the Foundry? Or, are you going to just wait around until you get all of the components that you need yourself?" I asked him. He just shrugged. "As much as relying on you this much makes my skin crawl, the sooner we make it, the sooner I can fuck her for real." He then started walking to the door. I followed him and led him out of the clan building. When we got back to where all of the others were waiting, I said "Our artist here has to get some rest. He will be back later when his schedule allows him. Thank you for humoring me this long." All of the NPCs nodded and went about their business. Most of them went back upstairs while others went around the block together. It was only Brett and Paul that came over to ask what happened. I told them everything. "We get a new X-frame out of it, so it's all good." Paul said. Brett was fine with it as well. "Now that we have a trading post, I guess we could just bring other cyborgs here to trade for what they have. We have infinite money and resources." I said. We would clean house.

My phone then rang. I answered it and it was Sarah. She said "You knew all this time and didn't tell me. If you couldn't trust me all this time, I don't think I can trust you. It might be better if we end this all cleanly now. Let's break up." I sighed and said "Are you sure about this? You do know Keith is only telling you what he wants because he wants to be the one to impregnate you when you get the upgrades from the X-frame." There was a pause on the phone. "You know what? Yeah. I am sure. At least a fellow PEP like Keith is honest and straightforward about what he wants." There was nothing left to say. "Alright. Let's break up. But, for the record, I'm the one dumping you. If you don't want me, there are plenty of others that will." I said before hanging up. I rolled my eyes and the others just smirked at me. "So... you got dumped then? I won't let you forget that." Brett said. Paul said "Don't worry. Lots of others out there. Just like you said." I just had to go find one of them and romance them a bit. In the meantime, I saw that Alex had a human woman by his side. He certainly moved very fast.

Now that we had several X-frames, this was to expected. I also wanted to see what would happen. "Hey guys. This is Ursula. We met a week ago. I called her over here because I wanted to show her off to you all." Ursula was a woman with blonde hair and rosy skin. "Hello. Alex and I met at the Red Grind. He was always a gentleman to me and makes the best drinks at the club." Paul smiled and said "I remember you. Red will be very disappointed to hear that." She looked very surprised and raised her hands. "Oh, I like his drinks too! Alex is just a little bit better." "It's fine. I won't tell him. Congratulations." Paul said. They both smiled at each other. Paul was the bouncer, he would know if the target was good or not. Alex then pulled her in for a kiss. She chuckled before allowing him to do it. They kissed for a bit. She only noticed that something was wrong when she wanted to pull away for air. I could see it in her eyes. There was fear. She struggled for a bit before passing out. We watched in silence. I said "Let's take this inside. I wanna watch this take place." He carried her over his shoulder.

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